The New Adventures of Batman was a children's animated series. The series followed Batman trying to save Gotham City from the clutches of many villains. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

This Looks Like A Job For Bat-Mite! 01x16
Zarbor seeks revenge by turning the Caped Crusaders into criminals, leaving Bat-mite to save the day.
Have An Evil Day (2) 01x15
Batman & Robin chase down Zarbor on his home planet, in search of the stolen nuclear power plants.
Have An Evil Day (1) 01x14
Zarbor, a tiny yet powerful villian from bat-mite's home planet, uses a distraction of Joker, Penguin, Clayface and Catwoman to steal the nuclear power plants from Earth.
Birds Of A Feather Fool Around Together 01x13
Penguin turns Bat-mite evil to help him defeat Batman & Robin.
Curses! Oiled Again! 01x12
Dead Ringers 01x11
Clayface, posing as Batman, enlists the help of an acrobat who looks like Robin.
The Deep Freeze 01x10
Mr. Freeze, with his cold/hot ray can manipulate the Earth's weather. But his true goal is to steal the most powerful nuclear submarine.
He Who Laughs Last 01x09
The Chameleon 01x08
Batman and Robin face The Chameleon, a twisted minded shape-shifter.
Reading, Writing & Wronging 01x07

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