The Martin Lewis Money Show attempts to help to help viewers at home get the best deals for their money. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Series 4, Episode 9 04x09
Martin and Saira talk to a couple with very different views on their money as they attempt to get them to reach the best financial outcome.
Series 4, Episode 8 04x08
Martin attempts to help viewers in Manchester decide if they should use their savings to pay off their mortgage.
Series 4, Episode 7 04x07
Martin and Saira deal with the uncomfortable truth of managing family finances if a close relative loses mental capacity and explain how to claim compensation for delayed flights from airlines.
Series 4, Episode 6 04x06
Series 4, Episode 5 04x05
Martin and Saira talks to consumers who are going head to head with their energy company over bad service and they explain how to fight back against it, and also discover the best energy deals.
Series 4, Episode 4 04x04
Martin and Saira travel around the country sorting out the public's cash conundrums. Martin talks to a woman who has been secretly saving for her children all their lives, but now they are coming of age she wants to make sure they don't waste all the money after they get access to it.
Series 4, Episode 3 04x03
Martin and Saira take a look at the rules around buying train tickets and the odd prices travellers have to pay as a result of them.
Series 4, Episode 2 04x02
Martin offers advise on the exact date to look for deals and discount codes from high street stores. He also helps customers get back money they are due after switching their energy suppliers.
Series 4, Episode 1 04x01
Martin lists all the essential deals for Christmas. He also unveils his Festive Forecaster. Martin and Saira pay a visit to the Christmas Ideal Home Show to give members of the public tips on how to conjure up money for the festive season.
Series 3, Episode 6 03x07
Martin and Saira show how to haggle down prices on package holidays. Martin also explains how to reclaim Payment Protection Insurance for free.

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