After a five season run on I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance return to the small screen in The Lucy Show. This time they play a pair of widows, Lucy Carmichael and Vivian Bagley, living together as best friends with their children Chris snd Jerry Carmichael and Jerry Bagley in Danfield, N.Y. In the first Lucy lived on a trust fund left behind by her late husband, watched over by a tightfisted banker, Mr. Barnsdahl (Charles Lane). The second season finds a cast change with Mr. Theodore J. Mooney taking over as the hotheaded banker. Vivian Vance quit the series after season three causing yet another big format change. Season four finds Lucy's daughter headed off to college and son Jerry shipped off to a military academy, leaving Lucy alone on the show. So, Lucy heads off to a Los Angeles apartment, and for reasons unknown, Mr. Mooney transfers to a bank there also, to remain as her comedic foil. This season also saw a number of guests appearing weekly to play off of. Lucy would also work for Mr. Mooney at the bank during this season. May Jane Croft was also brought in as Lucy's best friend this season. At the end of the season, Lucille Ball would sell off her remaining interest in the Desilu studios which produced the series. She canceled The Lucy Show, reformatted it and returned as Here's Lucy in 1968. Opening Theme Opening Video Credits Season 1 Opening Video Credits Season 2 Opening Video Credits Season 3 Opening Video Credits Season 5 Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Lucy and "The Boss of the Year" Award 06x24
Lucy campaigns for Mr. Mooney to be named "Boss of the Year" to ensure his chance of getting a job as president of a bank in San Fransisco.
Lucy and Sid Caesar 06x23
There is a forger running around town who looks like Sid Caesar. Sid asks for Lucy's help in catching him while working at the bank.
Lucy and the Lost Star 06x22
Lucy and Viv get the wrong idea when they knock on the door of Joan Crawford and see her home empty of any furniture. They believe she has fallen on hard times but do not know she is really having it restored.
Lucy Helps Ken Barry 06x21
When Ken is denied a loan from the bank to open a dance studio, Lucy attempts to help him out by getting him some much needed publicity. Her idea is to take a bunch of truckers and turn them into dancers in front of reporters.
Lucy and Phil Harris 06x20
Lucy brings home a drunken, lounge singer in hopes of drying him out. With her help, he finishes a "could be" hit song, if Lucy's singing doesn't drive him to drink again.
Lucy and the Stolen Stole 06x19
A business dealing with a shady character for a fur stole has Mr. Mooney landing in jail for theft. But when Lucy gets involved in proving his innocence, they find themselves being arrested over and over again.
Mooney's Other Wife 06x18
While at a bank convention, Mr. Mooney encounters dome innocent flirtation with a woman. When she comes to L.A., she insists that he had made promises of marriage to her. Lucy pretends to be Mrs. Mooney to portray how wicked a man he really is.
Lucy Gets Involved 06x17
Having broken Mr. Mooney's television she borrowed, Lucy takes on a job as a carhop at a drive-in. When a motorcyclist she encounters is accused of stealing cars, Lucy takes it upon herself to stand up for him.
Lucy and Viv Reminisce 06x16
Viv returns to nurse Lucy who has broken her leg. But it's Mr. Mooney who looks more like a Florence Nightingale after Viv falls and breaks her leg also.
Lucy and Carol Burnett (2) 06x15
Lucy and Carol have earned their flight attendant wings. Meanwhile, Mr. Mooney asks them to team up with Buddy Rodgers and Richard Arlen from the silent film classic Wings, to perform in a stage musical.

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