I Love Lucy was a popular 1950's sitcom about a not-so-average housewife, Lucy Ricardo, married to a Cuban band leader, Ricky Ricardo, living in a New York apartment building owned by her two best friends and landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz. After the end of the six year run for I Love Lucy, the production crew decided to move on to a comedy hour show, airing episodes each month. Thus, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour was born! Featuring a new celebrity each month (including Hedda Hopper, Tallulah Bankhead, Red Skelton and Bob Cummings), these Lucy-Desi shows entertained Lucy fans around the world. In the series second season, it became product of a new show, The Desilu Playhouse. Every four-six weeks, the Desilu Playhouse would air the Lucy hours. Lucy's stunts never change, and get wilder with sixty minutes to fill, with Lucy meeting celebrities next door, going to Mexico and Alaska, finally making it on TV and buying pearls in Japan! However, with the failure of Lucy and Desi's marriage came the unfortunate end to the Lucy-Desi saga, and would therefore end the Ricardos and the Mertzes for good. However, they will always be remembered and valued by the many fans who watched them in their first run, and the many fans who watch them today. The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour was a Desilu production. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Lucy Meets the Moustache 03x03
Lucy tries to cheer a depressed Ricky up when he can't seem to find a place in show biz anymore, so she invites television couple Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams over, in hopes of getting Ricky into the show. Things do not go as planned, and as it turns out, they want Little Ricky in the show instead! Lucy's attempt to get Ricky in the show prove flawed, when Edie and Ernie decide to play a little joke of their own on Lucy...
The Ricardos Go to Japan 03x02
The Ricardos and the Mertzes wind up in a jam in Japan when Lucy has TV-star Bob Cummings buy her real pearls to replace her artificial ones. After Lucy gets the pearls, she tries to borrow the money from the Mertzes to pay for it, but to no avail. Lucy, in a rut, returns the pearls to Mr. Cummings, but accidentally gives him the fake ones...
Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardo's 03x01
Lucy wants Milton Berle to partake in Little Ricky's PTA benefit show, despite Ricky's insistence that she not bother him about it. Lucy asks him anyway, and he agrees, but only if he can use Lucy's Connecticut home as a place of peace so he can write his book. When Ricky finds out from Fred that "some man" has been sneaking around the Ricardos home, Ricky gets on high defense, and prepares to attack Milton, dressed as "Mildred". Ricky sees through it all, and causes a strained relationship between Berle and the Ricardos. Lucy's attempt to patch things up would, however only lead to more disaster...
Lucy's Summer Vacation 02x05
Lucy and Ricky's friend loans them a vacation in a cozy Vermont cabin, but unbeknownst to the Ricardos, he also loaned it to the couple, Ida Lupino and Howard Duff! Neither couple wanting to give up the cabin decide to room together. Upset that Ricky and Howard spend all their days fishing and ignoring the girls, Lucy and Ida devise a plan to saw a hole into Ricky's boat, however, the two later realize that their husbands had planned a romantic night at sea, and therefore had inadvertently ruined their own evening!
Lucy Wants a Career 02x04
Lucy's efforts to get in the show works this time, when she winds up as the "Girl Friday" in the Paul Douglas Early Bird TV series. While Douglas dislikes her, the shows sponsor adores her housewife ways, and immediately hires her. However, Lucy begins to miss Ricky and her son, as well as the Mertzes, and asks to leave her contract. Douglas agrees, so Lucy takes a sleeping pill to prevent her from waking up at her normal 4AM time. However, unbeknownst to Lucy, the sponsor did not approve Lucy's early dismissal, and now Ricky and Paul must struggle to get her out of her deep sleep to do the next show...
Lucy Goes to Alaska 02x03
The crew go to Alaska for Ricky's show with Red Skelton, celebrating Alaska's entry to the union. Ricky and Fred are happy to go see some land they bought, which turns out to be empty frozen Alaskan land, causing the two to become angry with each other. Despite Ricky's sour mood, Lucy still attempts to get in the show, but to no avail, until Lucy and Red Skelton become friends! In an attempt to restore Fred and Ricky's friendship, Lucy drives Red Skelton out to the land they bought, attempting to get him to buy it out. However, a problem occurs when a blizzard strikes, and the two can't find their way back to the studio, with an hour left before the shows to start.
Lucy Makes Room for Danny 02x02
Lucy and Ricky go to Hollywood for Ricky's movie, and rent out their Connecticut home to a family, the Williams (of Make Room for Daddy fame). After the movie is postponed, the Ricardos wind up staying with Fred and Ethel, but a suspicious Lucy finds herself constantly dropping in on the Williams.
Lucy Goes to Mexico 02x01
While Ricky is performing with Maurice Chevalier, Lucy, Fred and Ethel cause trouble in Tijuana by inadvertently bringing a Mexican boy, Alfredo, past the boarder, and therefore getting arrested. When Ricky and Maurice try to bail them out, more trouble stirs, with Maurice unable to re-enter the States, due to his French citizenship!
Lucy Goes to Sun Valley 01x05
When Ricky takes Lucy, Fred, Ethel and Little Ricky to Sun Valley, everyone is excited, until Lucy learns that Fred, Ricky and Little Ricky are going to be on TV that week, without the girls. To make Ricky jealous, Lucy begins skiing and spending time with Fernando Lamas. While it all starts out harmless, friction occurs when Lamas gets a little closer to Lucy than Ricky can handle.
Lucy Wins a Racehorse 01x04
Wanting to win a horse for Little Ricky, Lucy enters her, and many of her friends, into a contest to win one free. This, however, becomes a problem when the horse becomes attached to Lucy, so she seeks the help of Betty Grable to get the horse off her hands.

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