The Little Couple, following newlyweds Bill Klein and Jen Arnold. Bill, a successful businessman, and Jen, a pediatrician, who are both under four feet tall, share their unique perspectives on life, love, and marriage. Add to my shows

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Surprise! 12x05

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I'm A Real Pirate 12x04
It's Willapaloza in the Klein household and everyone prepares to celebrate Will's 9th birthday as well as his Gotcha Day, the anniversary of his adoption! The family heads to the Grand Prix races and celebrate Will by setting off on a pirate ship!
This Is How A Dude Does It 12x03
Bill and Will prepare for a Derby contest which is great father-son bonding but the pressure is on to win; Jen and Zoey take a spy day.
Let's Have a Bravo to Dad! 12x02
After returning from New York City, Bill juggles taking care of the kids and helping Jen as she recovers from her surgery
Wait, They're Cutting You Open? 12x01
The family tries to make the best of the Christmas season as they travel to New York City for Jen's hip replacement surgery.
Christmas! 11x14
It's Bill and Jen's first holiday as parents and they're eager to make new memories; Bill goes all out with the decorations much to Jen's dismay; Bill holds a pet adoption where Will and Zoey decide a new puppy is in order.
I Don't Want to Leave! 11x13
The trip to China continues as the Klein family and all 6 grandparents visit the Forbidden City and take an immersive lesson in Chinese cooking. Then, the family climbs to the top of the Great Wall and reflect on what life could have been without Will.
Will Returns To China 11x12
The Kleins are headed back to China, but this time all six grandparents are in tow; Will and the family learn more about his birth country; Will takes part in a Confucius school and then the family tries a traditional Chinese meal.
You're A Fish Approver! 11x11
The renovations on the Kleins' new house are almost finished; with just last-minute touches to go, the family starts the colossal task of moving upstairs; Bill and Jen make good on their promise and take the kids to get some new pets.
A Storm To Be Reckoned With 11x10
The Kleins start settling into their home but abruptly have to leave town as Hurricane Irma comes barreling toward Florida; the family returns home to find out just how much damage Irma caused; Will checks into the hospital for a sleep study.
I'm Gonna Catch The Biggest Fish! 11x09
It's family vacation time for the Kleins; Jen's parents and Aunt Barbara head up the Florida coast to visit Jen's sweet Great Uncle Ray; the family learns about sea turtle rescue, goes fishing, and celebrates Uncle Ray's 87th Birthday.

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