The Little Couple, following newlyweds Bill Klein and Jen Arnold. Bill, a successful businessman, and Jen, a pediatrician, who are both under four feet tall, share their unique perspectives on life, love, and marriage. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

This Is How We Party 12x10
Zoe's dream comes true as she and her best friend have a special mermaid encounter; Bill and Jen throw a big summer party for all of their friends but have to scramble when an unexpected Florida rainstorm threatens to ruin their big event.
It's Definitely Gator Water 12x09
Bill surprises the family with a fun, activity-packed camping trip; Jen worries about the dangers lurking in the Florida wilderness.
Namaste 12x08
An unexpected injury may halt Zoey from performing in her Bollywood dance recital; Bill and Jen celebrate their 11-year anniversary.
The "scare" Boat 12x07
Jen and Bill take Will and Zoey sailing; Will throws his friends a sleep-under and things get a little crazy.
We Part-tay! 12x06
Bill and Jen take the kids to Holi Fest, a Hindu celebration of spring; the family tests out Pop-Pop's new boat.
Surprise! 12x05
Bill recruits the kids to make handmade gifts for Jen's surprise birthday party while she and her parents visit her childhood home.
I'm A Real Pirate 12x04
It's Willapaloza in the Klein household and everyone prepares to celebrate Will's 9th birthday as well as his Gotcha Day, the anniversary of his adoption! The family heads to the Grand Prix races and celebrate Will by setting off on a pirate ship!
This Is How A Dude Does It 12x03
Bill and Will prepare for a Derby contest which is great father-son bonding but the pressure is on to win; Jen and Zoey take a spy day.
Let's Have a Bravo to Dad! 12x02
After returning from New York City, Bill juggles taking care of the kids and helping Jen as she recovers from her surgery
Wait, They're Cutting You Open? 12x01
The family tries to make the best of the Christmas season as they travel to New York City for Jen's hip replacement surgery.

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