In this one-hour drama, Toby Logan is a 24-year-old paramedic living with a secret: he can read people's minds. This telepathic procedural takes viewers into the heart of a tortured hero who struggles to solve crimes with his unique gift. Week-to-week, The Listener balances high-stakes drama with irreverent humor and sends Toby on an intellectual and emotional adventure. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

In Our Midst 05x13
Toby, Michelle and Dev investigate after Becker is implicated in a criminal conspiracy.
An Innocent Man 05x12
Toby goes undercover in a prison to investigate a man he believes is being framed for a murder.
Zero Recall 05x11
Toby experiences memory loss after being drugged, and he's accused of participating in an armed-kidnapping incident.
Family Secrets 05x10
Sibling rivalry becomes a major factor in the case of a playboy billionaire's murder, and the investigation makes Toby wonder about his own family.
The Fugitive 05x09
Oz's neighbor is murdered, and the investigation reveals that the victim was involved in a legendary coin heist.
White Whale 05x08
A mayoral candidate is suspected of murder; Becker becomes obsessed with Toby's gift.
Amuse Bouche 05x07
A cooking-show contestant is poisoned on live TV.
Man in the Mirror 05x06
A psychiatrist is murdered, leaving Toby to deal with a mentally unstable suspect.
Game Over 05x05
A video-game developer is found dead the day before his newest title is released.
Smoke and Mirrors 05x04
The team investigates the death of an investment expert who was killed during a magic stunt gone wrong. Meanwhile, Toby's secret is threatened due to Becker's scrutiny of him.

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