Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Last Stand 04x13
Korra faces off with Kuvira, and the fate of many hangs in the balance.
Day of the Colossus 04x12
Team Avatar battle Kuvira in the heart of Republic City, and innocent bystanders are evacuated by Pema and Prince Wu.
Kuvira's Gambit 04x11
Korra and the gang attempt to halt Kuvira's actions against Republic City. Meanwhile, Kuvira reveals a new lethal weapon in her arsenal.
Operation Beifong 04x10
Bolin assists Opal and Lin in rescuing the Beifongs. Meanwhile, Korra searches for help in the Spirit World.
Beyond the Wilds 04x09
Jinora gets trapped in the Spirit World and Korra mounts a rescue mission, but she's halted by Zaheer's apparition.
Remembrances 04x08
Korra goes to Zaheer in order to face her inner fears and find balance within herself.
Reunion 04x07
Korra returns to Republic City, but Kuvira'a actions spoil her homecoming.
The Battle of Zaofu 04x06
Korra and Kuvira face off in an epic showdown.
Enemy at the Gates 04x05
Kuvira travels to the city of Zaofu to negociate with Suyin Beifong. Zaofu is the last city in the Earth Kingdom not under Kuvira's rule.
The Calling 04x04
Pema and Tenzin's kids leave their home to find Korra.

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