Bear Grylls drops groups of men and women on desert islands in the Pacific. Can they survive? Add to my shows

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Surviving the Island 05x06
Episode 5 05x05
Episode 4 05x04
After three weeks on the island, the castaways are malnourished. Still living at opposite ends of the same beach, the wealthy and less well-off teams finally put their differences aside in a joint hunting expedition, in a bid to solve their food crisis together. Somehow, Phil and Laura can see through the squalid living conditions, hunger and sandfly bites, as their island romance blossoms.
Episode 3 05x03
In the hope of finding much-needed food, Barnes decides to risk strong currents and riptides on a journey by raft to a nearby island. Both camps remain resolved to live apart. But driven by desperation, Barnes invites his less wealthy neighbours on the expedition. Mercedes, already struggling with hunger and exhaustion, is unable to help around camp, placing her relationship with her teammates on a knife-edge. Her shock decision to join Barnes' voyage has disastrous consequences.
Episode 2 05x02
After a class war on the desert island, the wealthy and less well-off teams go their separate ways and set up two camps at opposite ends of the same beach. Millwall fan Phil tries to lead his team by the scruff of the neck but his dictatorial style ends in mutiny within his own camp. Medical lecturer James finds himself frozen out by some of his wealthier teammates, making him question why he's 'bottom of the pile' even thousands of miles from home.
Episode 1 05x01
For the fifth series, two separate groups are abandoned at opposite ends of a remote uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. The 16 Islanders face extreme tropical weather, limited resources and environmental hazards - with none of the home comforts everyone relies upon. The first group of castaways are wealthy professionals living off an average income of £100,000 a year - a wage earned by a fraction of Brits. The opposite group of castaways earn below the UK national average wage. The series sets out to look at the issue of wealth disparity, and whether living with vastly different economic circumstances at home has an influence on our ability to cope in the wild. When challenged to start again from nothing, who is better equipped to thrive?
Surviving the Island 04x06
Survival expert Bear Grylls looks at how two groups from two different generations lasted five weeks on an uninhabited Pacific island. Marooned with only a handful of basic tools and the clothes on their back, the castaways had to endure extreme weather and stormy relations within the group. Bear returns to meet the castaways to find out first-hand how they did it. Was it the wisdom of age or the energy of youth that proved most valuable?
Episode 5 04x05
After four weeks on the island, the group have collectively lost almost 30 stone and are increasingly beleaguered as they enter their last days as castaways. Karen is suffering more than the rest, with dangerously low blood sugar and diarrhoea. Bromance buddies Ben and Jager try fishing and then hunting for the island's elusive turkeys in the dense jungle. Aran and Jacqui stumble across a caiman crocodile - a vicious adversary, but rich in calories. Can they pass the ultimate test and provide food for all?
Episode 4 04x04
This time the islanders face mother nature at her most violent and brutal. Having endured a series of torrential downpours which have ravaged their campsite, unknown to them a hurricane is brewing 100 miles to the north. The future of the community is left hanging in the balance. Will Aran's resolve to stay be enough to influence the others? And the problems don't end there, with Karen and Jane determined to set up their own splinter group and fend for themselves.
Episode 3 04x03
With old and young now living side by side, the islanders are hoping to hit their stride. But the lack of food is an ever-pressing concern, and tempers are fraying. Jordan is feeling out of sorts and then has a fight with Richie. The group are furious when Phil uses some olive oil to boost the fire rather than for food. And soon there's another bust up, bringing relations to breaking point. Could a shocking vote see the islanders turn on one of their own?

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