Sitcom about a bunch of middle-class adolescent lads. Welcome to a world of futile crushes, sibling brawls, getting drunk too quickly and casting constant aspersions about your friends' sexuality... Add to my shows

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The Camping Trip 03x06
Simon's parents tell him that the whole family are moving to Swansea in a couple of weeks due to Simon's dad's company making many employees redundant. Simon is distraught, as he will have no friends and will never see Carli again. At the same time, Neil worries that he has got a woman pregnant. Will decides to organise one last trip for the gang before they go their separate ways. The four lads pack Simon's Fiat for a camping trip in the countryside. At the woods by a lake, Will draws on all his scout training – the same however, cannot be said for Jay, Neil and Simon, who are not prepared for the great outdoors at all. After burning all of Will's stuff to make a fire, a quick texting game, and playing Monopoly in the dark, the team lock themselves out of the car, which soon rolls into the lake. Neil receives a text saying the woman is not pregnant (the "positive" was on a Chlamydia test), while Simon gets a text from Carli (but will not reveal the contents, beyond saying "brilliant"). After everyone throws up in the tent thanks to Neil eating the sausages and got sick (except Will), the group have no choice but to walk home.
Home Alone 03x05
Will's mum goes away for the weekend with an old college friend she recently caught up with on Facebook. While Jay, Neil and Simon are walking down the street they spot a flower display reading "WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE", Neil and Jay then alter it to say "WE CUM TIT VILLAGE". Mr.Gilbert then assigns Will to find the culprits by threatening to ruin his UCAS application, so the only university that will accept him is the University of Lincoln. It doesn't take Will long to find out who had done it but decides not to grass them up. Will asks Simon if he would like to stay round his house due to "security reasons", Simon declines as he doesn't want to risk missing a father and son golf tournament. Will then asks Neil, which angers Jay as he wants some privacy from his dog so he can masturbate alone. However Jay eventually makes his way into Will's house, but then Will forces them to go out as they mess up his kitchen. Jay and Neil decide to take Will on a "pussy patrol" which is to drive Jay's mum's car around the estate really slowly. Jay runs over a squirrel because he lost to it in a game of chicken. When the group arrive back at Will's house they find that Simon is inside waiting for them. When asked how he came in, he replies saying the back door was open. Jay uses Will's mum's credit card to order two boxes of beer which angers Will as it was for "emergencies only". Will decides to return them but Jay opens a pack of Foster's, preventing him from doing so. Upon opening up his laptop he finds that Jay and Simon have changed his Facebook profile picture to a fat naked man and his status to "Will is fingering his cat", they also changed his password. Will finds out the password but has to agree to let Jay stay over. Neil returns to the kitchen and says that he has blocked the toilet. Jay gets an idea that he'll just tell his parents that his dog has done a poo in the house so then his dog will have to stay outside, thus, will allow him to masturbate in peace. After Will unblocks the toilet, he returns to find Jay, Neil and Simon all drunk and whacking his daffodils with Simon's golf clubs which he is bringing to the golf tournament tomorrow. Will then tells the boys that they are going out, so they won't destroy his house. While they are out, the boys start vandalising other people's gardens, they are then caught by a man and run away laughing, Back at Will's house Jay and Neil go upstairs to masturbate over pairs of Will's mum's knickers while Simon and Will play a game of Pro Evolution Soccer. The next day, Will and Simon are woken up by a loud banging noise. They find out that it was the same angry man who caught them vandalising flowers earlier. The man finds them because he saw Neil through the kitchen window. Will's mum's friend opens the door (she was told to check up on Will earlier), Will kicks the door shut and breaks her nose in the process. Will tries to reason with the man but ends up closing the curtains on him which angers him even more. Will finds out that his mum has returned and now knows that he is going to be in deep deep trouble. In the end, Simon misses his golf tournament, Jay finds out that his dog has been put down because once a dog starts defecating in the house it's already close to the end of its life, and Will's mum gets dumped by her new boyfriend because he doesn't want to deal with a "problem child".
The Trip to Warwick 03x04
Simon is surprised when his new girlfriend Tara is ready to take their relationship to the next level and the couple plan a romantic trip to Warwick in the West Midlands to visit Tara's sister, Sophie, at university, and use her house as a means to have sex somewhere private. Romantic, that is, aside from the fact that the other boys invite themselves along – Will on the pretext that he wants to take a look around the university (which is his last choice, despite Warwick having an excellent reputation), Jay so he can give Simon his 'expert' sex advice and Neil because he has nothing better to do. This creates tension between Simon and Tara during the journey. Neil and Jay get drunk after playing drinking games with Sophie's flatmate's friends, causing Neil to later urinate on Will whilst they are sleeping and giving Jay the confidence to sneak off into the house to try and sleep with Sophie's Dutch flatmate. Simon, on the other hand, after taking Jay's advice to have a 'tactical wank' before having sex, fails to get an erection over a naked Tara and starts getting angry with himself which scares Tara. All the incidents together get them kicked out of the house, leaving the boys to endure the long drive home in their underwear. Tara then dumps Simon by text on the car journey home.
Will's Dilemma 03x03
Simon takes his new girlfriend on a double date with Will and Kerry – Tara's friend. However, Will's morals are tested when he is not at all interested in Kerry because of her height, but he is keen to receive oral sex from her, and therefore contemplates whether to stay with her or end their 'relationship'. Elsewhere, Neil is having his 18th birthday party and is allowed to invite ten friends (if he has that many). Later at Neil's party, Simon and Tara go to Neil's bedroom where Tara gives Simon a hand job. Meanwhile Will decides to tell Kerry he does not want to see her anymore after being teased by Jay and Neil. Kerry takes this badly and bursts into tears. She then lies and tells the other guests at the party that Will used her for sex and dumped her, whilst Will argues that he was right for denying oral sex from Kerry. Furthermore, Will is unaware that Kerry's dad died the previous month, and the guests side with Kerry. He also compares Kerry to the Empire State Building, which gets him kicked out of Neil's house and banned from returning. Will is grounded for three weeks, and as a subplot, Neil and Jay are given a months detention for saying "Waterside" to Mr Gilbert, after spotting him at the Waterside Shopping Centre looking fondly at cuddly toys.
The Gig and the Girlfriend 03x02
In an attempt to woo an attractive girl from the year below (Tara), Simon agrees to go with her to see a band called Fails a feat a pub. He tries to impress Tara even more by telling her he will bring cannabis along to the concert. The group buy cannabis from a shady man, and all react differently. Neil takes sleeping tablets, Will cannot control his body movements, Jay is dazed and confused, and Tara throws up on Simon. In another one of his ridiculous lies, Jay claims he can get drugs anytime from his dealer. When Simon asks Jay for some cannabis, Jay tells him that his dealer has gone to Afghanistan to get harder drugs, despite having told Simon fifteen minutes ago that he could easily get hold of some. In order to regain his friends' trust after his string of lies in the past, Jay goes to the school psychopath Mark Donovan to buy some weed, but is given tea and accepts it out of fear of him. As a subplot, Will and Simon stop believing Jay's "bullshit claims" after his dad rumbles one of his stories about having sex in a caravan (which does not actually happen, "Jay gets it on with the cushion"). When the boys arrive at the gig, Jay decides to prove to Simon and Will by trying to get drugs at the venue. After a short search, Neil spots a shady man and he and Jay head over to him. After a short argument with the dealer, he sells them cannabis and all except Will who refuses to smoke it, and Neil who took some of his dad's sleeping medicine, smoke them out the back. While inside, Jay starts teasing Will about not taking the drugs until Will eats whats left of them. Simon accidentally injures Tara in a moshpit, and not helped by a mixture of her being "stoned and concussed", leads to her feeling faint, queasy and throwing up over herself and Simon just as she is about to snog him. After she is sick on herself, Simon, their shoes and the floor, the two kiss and intimately touch each other (she touches his legs and penis and he touches her breasts), but Tara still feels sick and has to stop kissing and groping Simon to throw up everywhere again. Eventually Will starts to feel the effects of the drug and becomes frightened and loses control of his hands. When he asks for an ambulance, Jay refuses out of fear of being arrested, Neil starts falling asleep and Simon is too busy eating Tara's face, and stopping her being sick, to care. With no other choice, Will gets up onstage and asks that they either call for an ambulance or his mum. He is then led off the stage by the bouncers as he looked "proper mental". When Will is being taken into the ambulance, Jay runs away in panic thinking the blue light is a police car while Simon kisses Tara, his first girlfriend. Featuring a special guest appearance by rock band Failsafe.
The Fashion Show 03x01
Carli organises a charity fashion show, despite Will disagreeing with "vain" fashion shows, as just a popularity contest, but changes his mind when Charlotte Hinchcliffe arrives to model; requesting him to model with her. He competes with the irritating wheelchair-user Alistair (who had been absent from school the previous year due to kidney failure) for Charlotte's attention and manages to model quite successfully, but is downhearted when Charlotte says she would never go out with him again. Jay's pierced ears become infected and he has to leave the fashion show to go to A&E. Carli, impressed by Simon's modelling, asks him to replace her modelling partner Chris Yates who was revealed to have a "disgustingly" hairy back, wearing just Speedos. Simon, despite being worried that he will get an erection over Carli in the revealing Speedos, agrees when he sees Carli in her revealing outfit. He concentrates hard on not getting an erection, but because of this, he fails to notice his testicle hanging out of the side of his Speedos, and reveals it to the whole school. Will and Alistair briefly stop arguing to inform Simon of this, and Carli thinks Simon did it on purpose to make fun of her and storms off. Meanwhile, Mr. Kennedy attempts to get Neil to undress but is dragged off by Mr. Gilbert. At the end of the episode, Simon and Will discuss the Speedo incident. Neil and Jay join them and Jay claims that he had sex with the nurse at the hospital, even though Simon says she is another student's nan. Neil reveals that he snogged Charlotte to a surprised and heartbroken Will, although mimes what he really did with her to Jay and Simon behind Will's back, and the gang head home instead of going to Mark Donovan's party.
Exam Time 02x06
In the final episode of the second series, the boys are facing upcoming exams. Will is overworking himself and relying on energy drinks to keep him going; Simon is ignoring his revision and helping Carli revise for A-Level Geography; Jay is smitten by his new girlfriend Chloe and Neil is preparing for his practical exam in PE by playing Pro Evolution Soccer. During the first revision session Carli tells Simon that she and Tom have split up, which leads them to share numerous kisses at their next revision session and Carli accepts the invitation to join Simon and the rest of the gang at a nearby pub for an end-of-term celebratory drink. Simon hurries to tell Will – only to be shunned by his friend, who is cracking under the pressure of the looming exams. Jay is advised by his dad to make sure he always knows where Chloe is, and he begins texting her on a regular basis. The final exams come and both Simon and Jay are too distracted with their love lives to do any work on the paper. With all of the energy drinks he has taken in, Will begins to develop stomach trouble, and he poos his pants during the final exam. The boys go to the pub without Will, and as they order drinks, Will turns up wearing some tracksuit bottoms from lost property and not caring about the exam and how he likely failed it; he begins drinking three pints of lager to forget his awful day. Both Simon and Jay get dumped by their respective girls, with Carli announcing she has made up with Tom and Chloe says to Jay that he is too sensitive for her, and the boys drive off thinking up new nicknames for Will; now unarguably the biggest "saddo" in school.
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards 02x05
Will is picked to run the school's Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, having been told by Mr. Gilbert the reason he was chosen is that he is a virgin, and although Jay is reluctant to help, Neil and Simon agree to participate. Will signs himself, Simon and Neil up at a local retirement home in order to fulfil one of their Duke of Edinburgh modules. The boys go to the care home for the first time, and Daisy tells him that she wants the following day off so that she can attend a friend's hen do. Once again, Will volunteers himself and his friends for the shifts (after also persuading Daisy to go on a date with him), but Simon then reveals that he has to spend time with his dad, after his parents go on a trial separation and cannot do the shifts. Jay agrees to help, but only if he receives payment for it. The next day Will finds himself exhausted and falls asleep in the common room at school. Jay and Neil can't resist the opportunity to cause mischief, put hair removal cream down Will's trousers, and his pubic hair falls out in the shower when he gets home. Will panics before his date and quickly stuffs a woman's wig down his underpants at the retirement home. Will tries to keep Daisy from finding out about the wig after their date, but she finds out and tells Will to leave after thinking that he did not have any pubic hair in the first place and that she was too old for him. The next day, Will tries to explain to Daisy, but she is too embarrassed to talk to him. Meanwhile, Jay becomes bored watching over the elderly people and sneaks off to an apparent unoccupied room to masturbate. When he is discovered, the boys are kicked off the programme.
A Night Out in London 02x04
Will decides the boys need to lose their "saddo" tag and that they should go clubbing in the centre of London to reinvent themselves. Jay and Neil both sound eager, but Simon is reluctant to do so, stating that they would get robbed, stabbed and killed if they drive down to London. He is later persuaded to go after Neil says that he has a car and will happily drive the group down to the capital, as well as Carli telling him that she and her friend Rachel will also be going down to London on the same night. As the boys prepare for the night out, Simon is informed that he will have to drive seeing as Neil's car lacks an engine. Still excited by the prospect of meeting Carli, he agrees to drive down. When the boys arrive in London, however, things begin to go pear-shaped. Simon is attacked by a scary man waiting at a nearby bus stop after Jay decides to shout out "bus wankers" as they drive past. Simon has to swap his new trainers for piss-stained, tattered shoes from a tramp in order to be allowed in. As Neil and Jay walk off to find some girls, Will and Simon prepare for their "dates" with Rachel and Carli, respectively. Both dates don't go very well, with Rachel smitten by another man, Dean (played by Bird and Thomas' close friend Jonny Sweet) and Carli being put off Simon after the foul smell from his shoes. After Neil is thrown out for "masturbating" in the toilets (he was actually inspecting a cut on his penis he received earlier), the boys decide to call it a night.
Will's Birthday 02x03
Jay steals a flyer for a "sexy" party being held by Louise Graham from her bag and the boys decide to go. However, the party clashes with Will's sophisticated birthday dinner and he eventually persuades his friends that his event is more important. The boys all attempt to get a date for Will's dinner, but everyone seems to be going to Louise's party, including Will's love interest, Charlotte. Simon is having to look after a French exchange student named Patrice (played by Vladimir Consigny) and brings him along to Will's house. Will's birthday comes and his present from his mum is an unflattering black vest that she thinks makes him look cool. This rather disappoints Will, as he had been hoping for driving lessons. His mother persuades him into wearing the vest that evening anyway. The night does not get much better as at his dinner party, there is not a female guest in sight. After being branded "paedophiles" by a group of drunken young girls and finding an angry middle-aged stripper on the doorstep, Will agrees that maybe going to Louise's party is better than this. The boys (except Patrice) are denied entry to the party and all but Will decide to climb the fence, with Will opting to crawl underneath it (passing through dog faeces in the process). Having to take his jacket off, he reveals his birthday present and is ridiculed by the party goers for it. Will then receives a shock when he finds Patrice and Charlotte in bed together. The boys receive a brief respite from their bad day when Donovan turns up looking for Charlotte, and the prospect of Patrice getting beaten up by the psychopathic school bully is a happy one as Simon disliked him. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived as, when they leave the party, they are again spotted by the same group of drunken young girls who send their older brother chasing after them with a cricket bat.

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