season 1

Air date Episode Title
19.11.2016 01x01 The Holy Trinity
26.11.2016 01x02 Operation Desert Stumble
03.12.2016 01x03 Opera, Arts, and Donuts
10.12.2016 01x04 Enviro-mental
17.12.2016 01x05 Moroccan Roll
24.12.2016 01x06 Happy Finnish Christmas
31.12.2016 01x07 The Beach (Buggy) Boys - Part 1
01.01.2017 01x08 The Beach (Buggy) Boys - Part 2
07.01.2017 01x09 Berks to the Future
14.01.2017 01x10 Dumb Fight at the O.K. Coral
21.01.2017 01x11 Italian Lessons
28.01.2017 01x12 [censored] to [censored]
04.02.2017 01x13 Past v Future

season 2

Air date Episode Title
09.12.2017 02x01 Past, Present or Future
16.12.2017 02x02 The Falls Guys
23.12.2017 02x03 Bah Humbug-atti
30.12.2017 02x04 Unscripted
06.01.2018 02x05 Up, Down and Round the Farm
13.01.2018 02x06 Jaaaaaaaags
20.01.2018 02x07 It's a Gas, Gas, Gas
27.01.2018 02x08 Blasts from the Past
03.02.2018 02x09 Breaking, Badly
10.02.2018 02x10 Oh, Canada
17.02.2018 02x11 Feed the World

season 3

Air date Episode Title
19.01.2019 03x01 Motown Funk
26.01.2019 03x02 Colombia Special Part 1
27.01.2019 03x03 Colombia Special Part 2
02.02.2019 03x04 Pick Up Put Downs
09.02.2019 03x05 An Itchy Urus
16.02.2019 03x06 Chinese Food for Thought
23.02.2019 03x07 Well Aged Scotch
02.03.2019 03x08 International Buffoons Vacation
09.03.2019 03x09 Aston, Astronauts and Angelina's Children
16.03.2019 03x10 The Youth Vote
23.03.2019 03x11 Sea to Unsalty Sea
30.03.2019 03x12 Legends and Luggage
06.04.2019 03x13 Survival of the Fattest
13.04.2019 03x14 Funeral for a Ford

season 4

Air date Episode Title
14.12.2019 04x01 The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen
18.12.2020 04x02 The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt
31.07.2021 04x03 The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown

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