The Good Guys is an action-packed and comedic look at what happens when a washed-up, old-school cop and a by-the-book, modern-day detective try to expose the big picture of small crime. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Partners 01x20
Jack becomes suspicious when his ex-partner, now a deputy police chief, frames his "dine and dash" suspect for a murder that he couldn't have possibly committed.
Cop Killer 01x19
A smug, relentless internal affairs officer goes after Dan for helping Julius take down a group of weapons smugglers that he snitched on.
Supercops 01x18
While Jack and Dan tackle a case involving car thieves who accidentally steal smuggled diamonds, Dan becomes angry with Jack when he finds out that he has an interview with the DPD Strike Force.
The Getaway 01x17
Jack's romantic getaway to a bed & breakfast with Liz is short-lived when the proprietor begins acting suspiciously after he learns that Jack is a cop.
Silence of the Dan 01x16
While investigating a stolen painting at a doctor's house, Dan faints, and is restricted to desk duty until he recovers. Despite the handicap, Jack and Dan must find and capture the mysterious art thief, who may have left more at the crime scene than he intended.
The Whistleblower 01x15
Jack and Dan start a neighborhood watch after Ruiz is the victim of a peeping Tom. However, they accidentally stumble upon an assassin hired by an oil company to kill a team of whistleblowers, led by ADA Traynor's new boyfriend.
Old Dogs 01x14
Jack and Dan are forced to use Jack's Uncle Nate, a con artist who once stole his family's money, in an undercover operation to catch a thug who has been hired by developers to scare residents out of their homes.
Dan on the Run 01x13
"Savage & Stark" reunite one more time when Dan turns to his ex-partner after the governor's son they saved 25 years ago is kidnapped again, and Dan is framed for the crime.
Little Things 01x12
Acting on a tip from an 11-year-old, Jack and Dan uncover a plot to falsify legal documents for two violent Mexican drug dealers who are coming to America.
Common Enemies 01x11
While Jack and Dan are forced to work for an arrogant forensic scientist as they track down a hacker, A.D.A. Traynor investigates a prostitute's accusations against a corrupt state senator.

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