In The Glades, Jim Longworth, is a brilliant homicide detective from Chicago who moves to South Florida after being shot by his captain. He assumes it will afford him a more relaxing lifestyle, but he finds things are more complicated than he had imagined when he finds himself solving unlikely crimes in the town of Palm Glade, Florida. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Tin Cup 04x13
Jim gets called back to the golf course to catch the murderer of a golf hustler, but he's handicapped by a mad scramble to tie up loose ends for Callie and his future.
Happy Trails 04x12
Jim gets roped into a long-standing family feud between Florida ranchers when a ranch hand turns up dead between the two family's properties.
Civil War 04x11
When a man is killed by a Civil War reenactor's sword, Jim must enter the fray to find which imaginary soldier committed a very real murder.
Gallerinas 04x10
Jim investigates the death of a billionaire oil tycoon and art collector on the eve of Art Basel, Miami's international art show, while Callie's past may be putting her future at risk.
Fast Ball 04x09
Jim probes the gambling industry when the first female professional Jai Alai player is murdered.
Three's Company 04x08
Jim investigates a murder that is part of a three way poly-amorous relationship. Jims father drops a bombshell.
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves 04x07
Two frat pledges stumble onto a murdered contractor who has been ritualistically murdered and Jim enters the world of Florida's Gypsies while investigating the murder.
Glade-iators! 04x06
Apocalypse Now 04x05
Magic Longworth 04x04

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