The Gadget Show was originally a technology preview and review show presented by Jon Bentley, Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry, but evolved over time to become a more challenge based review program. For Series 17 the show title was changed to 'The Gadget Show: World Tour' , with only Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward as presenters. Series 18 was renamed again, this time to 'The All New Gadget Show', still with Bradbury and Woodward as the only presenters. Series 19 will revert back to the original title 'The Gadget Show', and sees the return of Jon Bentley and the addition of Countdown's Rachel Riley as presenters. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Series 23, Episode 12 23x12
With summer just around the corner the show is packed with all of the best tech that the viewers at home will need when the sun is out.
Series 23, Episode 11 23x11
The team take a look at the latest and greatest smartphone deals. A dragon leaves his den to take a look at Kickstarter-backed tech.
Series 23, Episode 10 23x10
The presenters are at a country estate where they install all the latest gadgets in different rooms in the house.
Series 23, Episode 9 23x09
The team are in Stratford-upon-Avon to take a look at the newest ideas in transport, racing across Shakespeare country in vehicles including offroad trainers and horse-racing simulators.
Series 23, Episode 8 23x08
Jon teams up with with the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team to test a range of Bluetooth in-ear headphones. Ortis is in both Japan and America to find out about the latest developments in exoskeleton technology.
Series 23, Episode 7 23x07
Ortis and Amy battle it out as they film and edit their very own trailers for a Hollywood-style film. Jon Bentley takes a look at the latest robot vacuum cleaners.
Series 23, Episode 6 23x06
The presenters use technology to help their chances of beating professionals at their own game.
Series 23, Episode 5 23x05
In an April Fools special. Jason and Amy have to try and hoax the public by creating a multisensory installation inside a coffee shop. Jon Bentley takes a look at a selection of curved televisions and Ortis takes a look at a range of odd gadgets in Tokyo.
Series 23, Episode 4 23x04
Amy Williams creates a 360-degree rig whilst Jason projects his image as a hologram as the duo battle it out to come up with the ultimate selfie. Jon learns whether e-books or the real thing offers the best reading experience.
Series 23, Episode 3 23x03
Jason, Amy, Ortis and Jon take part in a thrifty budget special, as they take a look at the best ways to save consumers money.

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