The Flash is Barry Allen, a police scientist, who was working one night during a terrible thunder storm when a bolt of lightning crashes through the lab window, electrocuting him. Barry survives and soon learns that he is now able to move at almost incomprehensible speed. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Trial of the Trickster 01x22
Barry feels betrayed when the city treats James Jesse as a celebrity ahead of his trial. Jesse later escapes from prison with help from an obsessive fan, Zoey Clark, and becomes the Trickster once again, with Clark as his assistant, Prank. They brainwash the Flash into joining them in wreaking havoc, damaging the Flash's public image.
Alpha 01x21
Barry and Tina befriend Alpha, an android assassin developed by the United States government who refuses to kill, and protect her from another assassin, Omega, send to destroy her.
Good Night, Central City 01x20
Petty crook Harry Milgrim and his cousin, scientist Roger Braintree, plan to use a subsonic device developed by Braintree, which places people in an induced slumber, to rob Central City. Milgrim fakes his death to infiltrate the police station and steal valuable information, pinning the blame on Barry, who races against time to both prove his innocence and prevent Milgrim and Braintree from conducting a citywide robbery. In the end, he triumphs, with Milgrim and Braintree being arrested, clearing his name.
Done With Mirrors 01x19
Sam Scudder, a criminal mastermind who uses mirrors and holograms to commit his crimes, steals an advanced battery from S.T.A.R Labs East Coast division, which is then stolen from him by his partner, Stacia Masters, who flees to Central City and seduces her former classmate Barry into sheltering her at his apartment.
Twin Streaks 01x18
Barry is cloned by Dr. Jason Brassel, who names the clone "Pollux". Upon learning he has created for the purpose of weaponization, Pollux goes on a rampage and comes into conflict with the Flash, ultimately defeating him.
Captain Cold 01x17
Mobster Jimmy Swain employs hitman Leonard Wynters, also known as "Captain Cold" for his weapon of choice, a nuclear-powered freeze ray, to eliminate his competitors and then the Flash.
Deadly Nightshade 01x16
Philanthropist Curtis Bonnahan, son of Derek Bonnahan, a mobster arrested by the Nightshade in the 1960s, becomes a copycat vigilante known as "The Deadly Nightshade", who employs lethal force in his crusade against crime.
Fast Forward 01x15
Nicholas Pike is released from prison on a technicality and attempts to use a missile to kill the Flash, instead transporting him 10 years into the future, where Barry's secret identity has been exposed and Pike has conquered the city.
Be My Baby 01x14
Barry crosses paths with Stacy Doubek, the daughter of Nobel prize winning academics, and her young daughter, Lily, who are fleeing Lily's father, mobster Philip Moses, who wants the child as his heir. After the Flash prevents Moses from kidnapping Stacy, Garfield attempts to use her in a sting operation to lure Moses into a trap, but Moses is tipped off by his men and manages to escape with Lily. The Flash chases him to an abandoned airfield and prevents him from leaving Central City, and Moses is arrested while Stacy and Lily are reunited and decide to stay in Central City.
Tina, Is That You? 01x13
Barry becomes plagued with nightmares and then causes the accidental death of the leader of a all-female gang, the Black Rose. A bio-feedback experiment gone awry causes Tina to develop a malevolent personality, and she seizes control of the Black Rose Gang.

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