Colt Seavers is a stunt man moonlighting as a bounty hunter who uses Hollywood stunt tactics to capture criminals. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Bigger They Are 05x22
A cop asks Colt to help him get evidence on a nightclub owner who's suspected of dealing PCP to kids.
War on Wheels 05x21
Bikers trap Colt, Howie and Jody in a deserted town soon to be turned into a reservoir and demand the release of their compadre.
Tag Team 05x20
Colt wins the contracts of two pro wrestlers in a poker game, and uses them when he goes after a counterfeiter who's also protected by heavyweights.
The Lady in Green 05x19
Colt relieves a bounty hunter who's run up a tab trying to nail a bail jumper involved in gunrunning.
Two on a Skip 05x18
Colt must chase down a polygamist (George Wyner) who's left a trail of wives and "creditors."
I Now Pronounce You ... Dead 05x17
An old movie crimebuster claims he witnessed a murder, and when nobody believes him he collars his old sidekick and loyal fan Howie, and tries to nail the killers himself.
The Last Chance Platoon 05x16
Colt becomes a drill instructor when an Army buddy drafts him to help conduct an investigation of stolen equipment.
Beach Blanket Bounty 05x15
Colt enlists the aid of a rock band to capture an industrial spy.
The Lucky Stiff 05x14
A loser who arranged to have himself killed so his wife could collect insurance can't buy out of the contract after winning a lottery.
In His Shadow 05x13
Colt meets the son he never knew he had, who's now in danger of falling in with car thieves.

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