He’s back! Kuzco, our favorite spoiled teen, must now survive the trials of Incan public school and pass all of his classes so he can officially become Emperor. His friend Malina keeps his attitude in check, while Yzma, who has disguised herself as Amzy, the principal of the school, and Kronk are out to make sure Kuzco fails. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Graduation Groove 02x31
It's graduation time for Kuzco, only he's used to being a peasant and worries that he doesnt have what it takes to be emperor anymore. Meanwhile, Yzma tries one last dith attempt to get Kuzco to not graduate.
Cornivale 02x30
Kuzco's Little Secret/Kuzco Kazooza 02x29
Faking the Grade/Eco Kuzco 02x28
The Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malinas 02x27
The Emperor's New Show / Kuzco reads some fan mail where the fans want a diferent kind of show, so he tries several of the suggestions. Too Many Malinas Kuzco tired of being rejected by Malina, tries to separate the lovey-dovey part from her uptight part, only it fails and he ends up splitting every one of her personalities.
Groove Remover/Overacheiver's Club 02x26
Kronk the Magnificent/Kamp Kuzco 02x25
Yzbot/The Puma Whisper 02x24
Yzbot: Yzma leaves Kronk in charge of a robotic version of herself while she goes off to Hollywood to become a famous pop star. Things get a little crazy though when the Yzbot's remote gets switched with the show-controlling remote that belongs to Kuzco. The Puma Whisper: Kuzco finds himself in a jam after he takes credit for scaring off a pack of wild pumas that were about to attack him when it was really Pacha.
Puff Piece/Take My Advice 02x23
Puff Piece: Kuzco and Kronk team up for a school project where they have to start and run a successful business as a team. But when Kuzco isn't too keen on the "team" aspect of the assignment, he might lose his partner and his chance at a good grade. Take My Advice: When Yzma undergoes a job review for her job as royal adviser, she is fired for not giving Kuzco any advice. But when Yzma's replacement turns out to be worse than Yzma ever was, Kuzco tries his best to find a way to hire Yzma again.
Father O' Mine/Everyone Loves Kuzco 02x22

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