Following the story of the staff and residents of the foster home made famous for housing Tracy Beaker. Add to my shows

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Holding Out for a Hero 06x12
Someone knows that Ryan stole the watch and he's determined to find out who's trying to blackmail him. Forced to ride a trike and dress up as a clown in front of the Mayoress, Ryan is embarrassed in front of everyone. With the burglary fresh in her mind, Taz is on edge as Floss looks for her way to help her friend. A lump of coal in the fruit bowl reveals a new truth about May-Li - she's pregnant.
Ryanman 06x11
Accidentally stopping a burglar, Ryan earns hero status in the house. With a video of his heroism going viral, Ryan's ego keeps on growing. Chancing upon a pocket watch fallen from the burglar's loot, Ryan takes it for himself as a reward. Thrust in front of TV cameras, Ryan's shocked to receive a text message with a photo of him and the stolen watch. Running back, the watch is now gone. Eyeing everyone with suspicion, Ryan sees a message on the fridge - 'THIEF'. Someone knows he's a fraud. Meanwhile, Jody struggles with her self-esteem when a boy from the gym asks her out on a date.
The Lurgy 06x10
With an illness spreading, May-Li is the next to fall victim. With Mike pathetically sneezing and groaning, May-Li's determined to show Mike that she doesn't need him to run Ashdene Ridge. As the workload increases, so does her symptoms. It all becomes too much and May-Li soon realises that she needs Mike's help. They're a team. The discovery of a recipe hidden in Joseph's book sends him and Chloe on a mission to make the best chicken soup. Floss does everything in her power to avoid the lurgy.
Utopia 06x09
With the YP constantly arguing, Mike cancels a trip to the theme park. Tyler offers up the perfect solution, with no arguments for the rest of the day. Setting off an amnesty, it's not long before the YP all get something off their chest. Arguments continue until Mike finds out and punishes Tyler. Fighting back, Tyler instigates a riot and the DG descends into anarchy.
Two Sides to Every Story 06x08
Feeling threatened by May-Li and the other YP, Jay resorts to drastic measures to protect his brother. Jay accuses May-Li of hitting him. Ashdene Ridge is thrown into chaos as the YP try to defend May-Li. Seeing Mike and Fiona together, Candi-Rose is adamant there is unfinished business and sets about to get them back together.
Challenging Times 06x07
It's competition time as Ashdene Ridge takes on rival care home Graybridge. Named captain, Charlie's competitive side shows after Emi and Amelie from Graybridge draw her in. Meanwhile, Mike's shocked to see ex-girlfriend Fiona back, and he remembers moments from their past. New arrivals Jay and Bird cause a stir after food goes missing, while Tyler drowns in a sea of Valentine's cards.
Cat's in the Cradle 06x06
A chance encounter puts Alex face to face with a woman he believes to be his mum. Full of emotion, Alex has a million and one questions. With the help of Charlie, Alex goes digging but is in for another shock when he meets his mum's daughter, Alice. Back at Ashdene Ridge, Taz is forced to confront memories from her past as she tries to stop Mike selling the piano, and Archie just can't resist a bargain at the market.
Sorrynotsorry 06x05
Today's the day that Sasha leaves Ashdene Ridge and returns home. Full of enthusiasm, Sasha records her vlog interviewing the YP. With a chipped bone in her toe, Floss decides to milk the injury for all that it's worth.
Heroes 06x04
Saddened to hear that his friend doesn't want a birthday party, Finn sets out to change Alex's mind with the help of his imaginary dad, Billy. Meanwhile, Joseph's seen to move in with Archie, but a misunderstanding puts the move and their friendship on hold.
Give and Take 06x03
Worried about being left out, Candi-Rose looks to boost her popularity with her knowledge of shopping. She impresses the YP but soon becomes overwhelmed by demands for the latest items and resorts to shoplifting. Meanwhile, Charlie struggles to let others help her as she tries to raise funds for her grandad, and Archie attempts to find his inner peace.

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