"The Doc Files" offers young viewers a glimpse into Doc’s keen deductive skills as she shares an in-depth look at specific cases and diagnoses after the clinic doors close for the day. Produced using a combination of CG and 2D flash animation, each episode opens with Doc dictating a toy patient’s chart and recalling how she solved the case from allergies to splinters to the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Ronda's Run Down Robots 01x09
Lamb's Lament 01x08
Sticky Slippes 01x07
The Lamb's Exam 01x06
In this short, Doc and Donny we're watching TV together until Donny cuddled Lambie so much, she fell behind the couch, later on Donny went to the kitchen as Doc found Lambie full of dust as Donny started sneezing as Doc remembered that Donny is allergic to dust as it's up to Doc to save her cuddly friend.
Gustav Gator 01x05
Gustov Gator gets an upset tummy.
Hippo's Rip 01x04
Chilly McWillies 01x03
Boppy's Boo Boo 01x02
Pilot 01x01

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