The Curse of Oak Island documents brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they pursue their lifelong dream of solving more than a 220-year old Oak Island mystery. For over two centuries, teams of searchers, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, have attempted to crack the code that will unearth the treasure believed to be buried on the small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Armed with the knowledge of those that came before them, the muscle of heavy machinery and decades of engineering know-how, the Lagina's and their partners may be closer than anyone in history to finding the treasure that has so far claimed the lives of six men. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Drilling Down. Oak Island And The Founding Fathers 07x26
Drilling Down. Closer Than Ever 07x25
Beyond Oak Island 07x24
Timeline 07x23
It's the end of drilling season on Oak Island and after a year that saw the fellowship make a number of groundbreaking discoveries in their quest to solve a 225-year-old treasure mystery, the team is determined not to leave the island without making at least one more historic breakthrough.
Marks X The Spot 07x22
A Leaf Of Faith 07x21
The Restalls return to Oak Island with exciting new artifacts while Rick, Marty and the team reach new depths in the Money Pit in their final push before winter.
Springing the Trap 07x20
Lords of the Ring 07x19
The Turning Point 07x18
New analysis connects man made activity in the swamp to the construction of the Money Pit just as the team begins their most ambitious and expensive operation yet to locate the elusive treasure shaft.
To Boulderly Go 07x17

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