They created a dynasty where passion rules, they are the Forresters, the first name in Fashion. The Bold and the Beautiful, a world of fashion, glamor and romance. A place where power, money and success are there for the taking in a city where dreams really do come true. Follow the lives and loves of the Forresters on The Bold and the Beautiful... Add to my shows

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Ep. #8302 2020x56
As Quinn gleefully looks on, Brooke and Bill try to explain the video. Shauna tells Flo what she saw at the cabin.
Ep. #8301 2020x55
As Shauna tells Flo that she's planning on moving back to Las Vegas, Brooke is in for a surprise when Bridget arrives home for the party and when everyone sees the video of Bill and Brooke kissing.
Ep. #8300 2020x54
As family arrives at Brooke and Ridge's for their reunion party, Brooke confronts Quinn about the video she uploaded to the digital picture frame.
Ep. #8299 2020x53
After letting Brooke explain how her kissing Bill took place, Donna lets her know how she found about it, as a result, the sisters try to find a way to get rid of the video before anyone else can see it. Wyatt, Bill, and Katie discuss how to be there for Sally. Flo lets Sally know that her friends and loved ones are there for her. Shauna lets a stunned Quinn know she's planning to move back to Las Vegas. At the Forrester mansion, Brooke issues a warning to Quinn.
Ep. #8298 2020x52
As Wyatt tells Flo, Katie, and Bill about Sally knowing that everyone knows about her condition, Sally tells her doctor that nobody can know that she's fine. As Donna helps Brooke plan a party, she learns of Brooke's encounter with Bill and confronts her about it.
Ep. #8297 2020x51
As Quinn puts her plan into motion for Ridge to find out Brooke's secret, Shauna assures Flo that she is not a threat to Ridge's relationship. Sally wants her doctor to keep a shocking secret from Wyatt.
Ep. #8296 2020x50
While Wyatt is out, Sally is less than thrilled at receiving a house call from her doctor. Quinn urges Shauna to show Ridge the video she took at Brooke's. Brooke and Katie talk about Thomas' deception.
Ep. #8295 2020x49
Ep. #8294 2020x48
Ep. #8293 2020x47
Everyone is still reeling over Thomas' deception. Steffy tells Ridge and Brooke about the part she played in it and how guilty she felt about it. Hope and Liam return home to Beth with Douglas.

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