Cameron Tuttle's sassy rule books for women inspired this short-lived sitcom about an ad exec, who lives life on her own terms, and her friends. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Guide To In and Out 01x06
J.J. clashes with a male consultant hired by her firm to help with an advertising pitch when his ideas contradict her own. Elsewhere, Sarah inherits money from a relative and considers buying a new home.
The Guide to Baby Talk 01x05
J.J. meets an old boyfriend and hires his twin children for a commercial, but she discovers that reuniting with the guy has its challenges. Meanwhile, J.J. and Holly struggle to find a new concept for a baby-food ad.
The Guide to Doing It Now 01x04
After a client dies, J.J., Holly and Sarah decide to live life to the fullest, but J.J. goes overboard with her enthusiasm.
The Guide to Being in the Mood 01x03
J.J. and Holly take a sexual-harassment class after offending a potential employee, and J.J. falls for the instructor.
The Guide to Switching Partners 01x02
Holly doubts her abilities after finding a note from Irene saying that J.J. is more talented than Holly.
The Guide to Procrastination 01x01
J.J. and Holly work on a campaign for a laundry detergent; while Sarah considers reuniting with her ex-boyfriend.

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