The Awesomes is an animated show for adults that combines the thrills of comic book storytelling with the hallmark irreverent and inspired comedy of co-creators Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker (Late Night with Seth Meyers). Showcasing the voice talents of current and past SNL stars, THE AWESOMES introduces a group of not-so-super heroes who just might find a way to save the world. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Final Showdown 03x10
Prock tries to put together the perfect plan to stop his father, who has been elected President and plans to sell humanity into alien slavery.
Super(hero) Tuesday 03x09
Malocchio returns from space and tries to convince the Awesomes that Mr. Awesome is evil. Prock refuses to hear it... but even he has his doubts. Meanwhile, Mr. Awesome wins the Presidential election and prepares to enslave humanity.
The GayFather 03x08
Prock, Muscleman, and Perfect Man go to get a secret blackmail file that could stop Mr. Awesome's candidacy, and Perfect Man has flashbacks to a childhood he never knew. Meanwhile, Frantic's boyfriend dumps him and the Gay Mafia tries to recruit the speedster to poison the city's water supply.
The Awesomes Reloaded 03x07
The Awesomes find themselves in a perfect world... unaware that it's a virtual reality created by a villain so that he can download their brain scans. Now only Perfect Man can save them before it's too late.
The Dames of Danger 03x06
The female team members go to a Woman of the Year Award ceremony but soon join up with other female heroes to go on a mission for the government as... the Dames of Danger! Meanwhile, the guys stay at home and have their own man award ceremony.
Indiana Johnson and the Nazi Granddaughters 03x05
An archaeologist, Indiana Johnson, hires the Awesomes to fly to South America and help him track down his missing partner... and find the Weeping Angel Stone, which can resurrect the dead. However, the Nazi Granddaughters also want the Stone, and will stop at nothing to acquire it. Meanwhile, Malocchio returns to Earth.
Awesomes for Hire 03x04
Prock and his team are kicked off The Awesomes, as Mr. Awesome takes over with Perfect Man. Forced to move in with Prock's mother, they decide to start an independent superhero team, The Awesomes for Hire. Mr. Awesome announces he's running for president.
Les Miserawesomes 03x03
The Awesomes attend a banquet in France, and a poison in the wine makes everyone start singing. Perfect Man hunts down Impresario to arrest him for stealing a piece of his bread.
Villain-Tine's Day 03x02
Valentines Day is ruined when Villain Tine steals all the roses in the world, Hotwire's Metal Fella suit goes rogue, and Muscleman faces the wrath of a jilted lover. The public looks to Mr. Awesome to fix the Awesomes' mess.
Seaman's Revenge 03x01
When undersea creatures stage a series of attacks on land, The Awesomes visit their old friend Seaman at the bottom of the ocean. Mr. Awesome returns to Earth.

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