The Amazing Race Australia is based on the hugely popular franchise The Amazing Race, this reality competition follows the same format seen in various countries around the world. Teams of two compete against each other as they race around the globe in hopes of winning $250,000. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 12 05x12
Episode 11 05x11
Episode 10 05x10
Episode 9 05x09
When strong winds take a stunning hot air balloon ride off course, the teams brace themselves for the twists and turns of the ninth leg of the race.
Episode 8 05x08
The race accelerates to new heights when the teams must attempt an epic underwater helicopter escape challenge in one of the most terrifying tests of the race so far.
Episode 7 05x07
At the start of the day, the teams are left speechless when Beau reveals a shock twist that will change the state of play for the entire race.
Episode 6 05x06
Like castaways left at sea, the teams are left with only a simple treasure map and a cryptic message in a bottle to guide them towards the finish line at the sixth pit stop of the competition.
Episode 5 05x05
They might be in a tropical island paradise but it's not all sunshine and rainbows as the teams endurance is put to the test in an epic challenge of strength and resilience on a barge off the shore.
Episode 4 05x04
The teams take on new heights when they touch down in Townsville, where one team mate must conquer all fears and abseil down a 100 metre cliff face to capture the clue.
Episode 3 05x03
Seeking help from the locals for an iconic outback challenge - the dunny derby, their newfound friends must take their place on the 'throne' for a race across town.

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