Based on The Tempered Blade by Monte Barrett, this series debuted in 1956 and featured Scott Forbes as real life early 19th century American adventurer, plantation owner, and hero of the Alamo, Jim Bowie. Bowie is remembered for designing a knife that still bears his name. Episodes opened with the "chunk" of the renowned knife being thrown into a door as Ken Darby and The King's Men broke into the show's theme song: Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie He was a bold adventurin' man! Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie, Battled for right with a powerful hand! His blade was tempered and so was he; Indestructible steel was he! Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie, He was a fighter, a fearless and mighty adventurin' man! A hand gripped the knife's hilt and yanked the blade from the wood. Scott Forbes then stepped into view clad in fringed buckskins. Brandishing the knife in a confident and no nonsense manner, Scott (as Bowie) glared boldly as well as seductively to the left, the right, and finally into the viewer's eyes as he opened the door and stepped inside. The show's Main Title and theme song are remembered today by legions of babyboomer fifties TV fans. The show dramatized Jim's adventures with a variety of genteel plantation folk and not-so-nice frontier characters in Louisiana's bayou country. The show appealed to both adults and children and generated merchandise that included toys and comic books. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Puma 02x38
Bowie is unable to make a trip to Texas so he sends his friend instead--wearing his clothes and riding his horse.
Man of the Streets 02x37
The Cave 02x36
Bowie's cousin is getting married but the bride-to-be turns up missing.
Bowie's Baby 02x35
An infant is the only survivor of a Native American raid. Bowie tries to find it a loving home.
A Night in Tennessee 02x34
Bowie and future Alamo sidekick Davy Crockett meet for the first time and find themselves on opposite sides of an election.
Bad Medicine 02x33
At the request of President Jackson, Bowie goes to the aid of a young Native American.
Patron of the Arts 02x32
Bowie goes up against an art swindler.
The Brothers 02x31
Bowie gets involved in a family quarrel amongst the socially prominent Davis family.
Jim Bowie, Apache 02x30
Searching for a lost silver mine, Bowie encounters a band of Apaches.
Horse Thief 02x29
Bowie wonders if his old school chum has turned horse thief.

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