Hard on the heels of the campy, 1966 television adaptation came Filmation's first attempt to animate the Dynamic Duo (and sometimes Batgirl) and their array of Kooky Criminals. This animated effort generally followed the tone of the show: campy, with the villains veering towards silly rather than serious. Ted Knight supplied most the voices for the male villains. With two exceptions - Simon, The Pieman and the Judge - all of these villains come straight from the pages of the various Batman comic books, although not all of them appear here as portrayed there, especially in recent years when the comic has taken a darker turn than it had when these episodes were created. Voiceover from Theme The adventures of Batman, with Robin, the Boy Wonder! Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo against crime and corruption, whose real identities as millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne and his young ward Dick Grayson and known only to Alfred, the faithful butler. Ever alert, they respond swiftly to a signal from the police, and moments later, from the secret Batcave deep beneath Wayne Manor, they roar out to protect life, limb and property as Batman and Robin, caped crimefighters! Batman and Robin, scourge of Gotham City's kooky criminals: The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime - The Penguin, pudgy purveyor of perfidy - and the cool, cruel, Mr. Freeze! Watch out, villains, here come... Batman and Robin! Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Opera Buffa 02x17
Wrath of the Riddler 02x16
The Bruce Wayne Foundation is building an ultra-modern crime lab to serve law enforcement. But not everyone in Gotham is grateful. Not far away, inside the Dirdler Computer Service company, villainous plots unfold to end the crime lab, by persuading millionaire Bruce Wayne to withdraw his support. The first plan is simple: kidnap his ward Dick Grayson! When that scheme fails, he turns to sabotage, instructing his men to mix sand into the cement to weaken the finished concrete. But Batman discovers him there, too – too bad for him The Riddler brought every one of his Rowdies to this fight! Saving the crime lab will take the Dynamic Duo and Batgirl!
Enter the Judge 02x15
Once a year, a circuit judge visits Satan's Island to hear the cases of prisoners coming up for release. This year, a dangerous criminal is due for a parole hearing, but Batman understands that the unrepentant fiend will simply commit more crimes. His evidence convinces the circuit judge not to free the criminal, but the criminal has a plan to “pardon” himself. A tricky exploding gavel and a quick change of clothes later, and the criminal has made his escape and reinvented himself as “The Judge.” Together with criminals he has gathered about himself – his “jury” - he'll bring Gotham City to its knees, unless Batman can stop him.
The Cool, Cruel Christmas Caper 02x14
It is time for the Gotham Christmas Parade, which includes a float bearing the famous Batmobile, and the Dynamic Duo. Following them is a float for the star of the parade – Jolly Old Saint Nick. But the man in the red suit isn't Saint Nick at all, although he'd be right at home in the North Pole's frozen climate! In Gotham, Christmas begins with Commissioner Gordon lights the Christmas tree, which is topped with a diamond star. But Mr. Freeze has plans of his own for that ice. If Batman can't recover the start, Gotham will face a cold Christmas indeed!
Perilous Playthings 02x13
Catwoman has some games in mind – dangerous games designed to get the Dynamic Duo out of her fur for good! First she captures the Batmobile in a steel net, and when Batman escapes, she uses Catnap gas to distract the Duo and steal their ride. When they discover her lair in a film studio, they also discover that they're expected, and Catwoman has deadly games planned around the many props available in the studio. Collapsing catwalks, giant pinball machines and razor sharp propellers may spell the end of the Dynamic Duo unless they can turn Catwoman's props against her!
A Mad, Mad Tea Party 02x12
It's the annual dinner of the Gotham Historical Society, eaten on antique silverware. This year's entertainment is senior Chapeau Fedora, who brings a collection of trained white rabbits – trained to steal for him! He makes off with the silver, and the police light the sky with a bat. He thwarts Batman's attempt to capture him by leaving a living roadblock of trained rabbits between them, and his odd, hat-shaped truck. The hatter has added a new facet to his obsession: Alice in Wonderland. Batman might just be able to use this to capture the villain – unless the Hatter is ready for him!
He Who Swipes the Ice, Goes To the Cooler 02x11
Crowds wait to welcome the visiting Maharajah of Taipur at Gotham International Airport. One set of eyes belongs to a man with sinister designs on the maharajah's crown jewels. They belong to the cool, cruel Mr. Freeze! With a bit of misdirection, he guides the maharaja's plane to meet his own black plane, and takes off with the potentate, then conceals himself with a white coat of frost! He steals the crown jewels and freezes the maharaja solid, arranging a nearly lethal ice slide into a frozen fog bank for Batman! But with a little preparation, Batman locates and confronts the frozen fiend, revives the king and returns his jewels.
Beware of Living Dolls 02x10
At the charity ball, wealthy donors contribute via games of chance. Once such game, the wheel of fortune, offers dolls as prizes. But when the policeman doll walks over to the till, steals the money, and drops it into the net of a waiting truck, Commissioner Gordon realizes The Dollman has returned, and calls in the Masked Manhunters to track him down. The Dollman attempts a bank heist, but Batman stops him when police spot his truck. But Dollman escapes, and later, at the museum, tries for a rare stamp. Batman puts a stop to that one, too, forcing Dollman to make the Dynamic Duo his next caper! They manage to find his lair, but there he has a whole army of dolls to fight for him...
The Great Scarecrow Scare 02x09
It is the annual Halloween Ball, at which a rare painting is to be auctioned for charity. And speaking to Batman and Robin is... The Scarecrow?!? No... it's Commissioner Gordon, whose costume service delivered a Scarecrow costume by mistake. But it wasn't a mistake – it was part of a devious plot by the real Scarecrow to impersonate Commissioner Gordon impersonating the Scarecrow, so he can steal the painting!
Freeze's Frozen Vikings 02x08
An iceberg drifts into Gotham Harbor, and inside it is a ship full of Vikings, perfectly preserved! Professor Bostic of the Gotham Museum argues that they are likely to be alive, and are rare historical finds. But when they awaken, and begin to pillage Gotham as the Vikings did long ago, Batman tries to stop them, only to be thwarted by the Professor, who insists they come to no harm! But when Batman discovers Mr. Freeze working with the Vikings, be begins to smell a chilled rat!

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