The producers of 'That '70s Show' looked for laughs (and didn't find many) in this sitcom set in 1984 San Diego and focusing on record-store employees and their sardonic boss, a woman who survived the summer of love mostly intact. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Sophia's Depressed 01x13
Tuesday and Corey argue over staying at her place or his; Sophia is depressed about her sister's engagement; RT thinks Roger's new girlfriend is a past fling.
Beach Party 01x12
Morgan Fairchild plays a woman seeking to merge with RT, corporately; Deborah Gibson plays a show-tunes fan bothering Margaret.
Road Trip (a.k.a. Star Search) 01x11
Katie and Corey get a shot at "Star Search"; Sophia moves into RT's house.
Punk Club 01x10
Corey gets upset when Tuesday goes to a punk club without him; Katie takes a stand against doing all the household chores alone on top of her school work.
Double Date 01x09
Tuesday fixes Roger up with a woman she doesn't know; RT stars in Sophia's "informational commercial."
After the Kiss 01x08
Tuesday flinches when Corey mentions their "relationship"; Roger outshines Katie in her aerobics class; Sophia goes to work for RT and asserts herself immediately.
Katie's Birthday 01x07
Sophia goes all out for Katie's birthday, but Katie's boyfriend Owen (Josh Braaten) goes further; Tuesday kisses Corey at the party.
Spring Break '84 01x06
Corey bristles at learning an acquaintance from high school is now a rock star, who hits on Tuesday; Katie tells RT she's in Cancun to keep the vacation money he gives her.
My Dead Friend 01x05
Corey is asked to give a eulogy for a man he barely knew; Sophia hopes to get to Katie through---and with---Owen.
Corey's Remix 01x04
Katie surprises Corey by getting his song played at the club---after adding a few ideas of her own; Roger presents an idea to his boss.

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