Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild is about Ted Nugent former Rock N' Roll lead singer of his own self named group who is a life long sportsman. He is passionate about the values hunting can instill in youngsters, and is a driving force in promoting family values through father/son (or daughter) interaction in the outdoors. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

ConVida Ranch Whitetail 11x27
Ted scores on a ConVida Ranch buck, then returns to SpiritWild Ranch for a self-filmed whitetail hunt.
Ace's High Whitetail 11x26
Ted takes a huge whitetail buck on The Ace's High Ranch and Shemane talks about Dead Ringer Broadheads.
Big Easy Aoudad 11x25
Ted hunts for ducks, aoudad and whitetail at one of the nicest ranches in Texas, The Big Easy.
Ted Nugent's 6,586th Concert 11x24
Exclusive footage from Ted's Make America Rock Again tour, plus Ted does some bird hunting at The Big Easy Ranch.
Tech Ranch in Michigan 11x23
Both Ted and Shemane take mature whitetail bucks on The High.
Shemane Nyala in South Africa 11x22
Shemane reflects back on her African safari and takes a beautiful nyala; Ted hunts Spirit Wild Ranch and scores on an old axis buck.
Ibex at Ox 11x21
Ted scores on a whitetail deer and a Spanish ibex at the Ox Ranch.
Toby Hunts Solo 11x20
Toby Nugent hunts solo for Michigan Whitetail while Ted pays a visit to The Ox Ranch for Oryx.
Ted Visits the Special Ops 11x19
Ted and Shemane are honored at the special forces annual meeting in Fayetteville, N.C.; Ted scores on a mature whitetail buck at SpiritWild Ranch.
Ted at Ox Ranch 11x18
Ted and Shemane hunt at one of their favorite ranches, the Ox Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

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