Meet comic Andrea Rosen. She just had a baby and dove head first into motherhood. Only problem? She did zero prep work to get there. Now... she's on a mission to seek real advice from moms everywhere and from different cultures, backgrounds and interests on how to raise her only son. Because, in her own words, she doesn't "want to raise a jerk." Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Andrea Gives Birth 02x16
Andrea visits a neonatal doctor to prepare herself for a breech birth.
Andrea Preps for Baby #2 02x15
Andrea prepares to have another baby, as she seeks advice from fraternity brothers and a financial consultant. She then heads to a class all about relationships between siblings.
Andrea Gets the Party Started 02x14
Andrea Learns To Be A Cali Mom 02x13
Andrea Makes Some Memories 02x12
Andrea continues her journey through motherhood.
Andrea Risks It All 02x11
Andrea Rosen continues her journey through motherhood.
Andrea Discovers Land 02x10
Andrea talks to some mothers who raise their children to live off the land.
Andrea Gets In Tune 02x09
Andrea talks to some musician mothers in an effort to connect with her own music-loving son.
Andrea Gets Tough 02x08
Andrea Geeks Out 02x07
Andrea seeks out scientists, comic book enthusiasts and live-action role players to learn how to make her son a geek.

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