The Swamp People featured in this History series are the proud descendants of French Canadian refugees who settled in the swamp region of Louisiana in the 18th century. Cameras follow members of this fiercely independent group as they struggle to preserve their way of life in the Atchafalaya Basin during the most important time of the year for them: alligator-hunting season. Add to my shows

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Clear And Present Danger 10x01

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United We Stand 09x20
Mother Nature dishes up an unexpected disaster.
Danger Zone 09x19
Troy pushes his luck. Willie races the clock. Frenchy goes back to the future.
Speed Demons 09x18
Troy devises a new strategy; Daniel chases an old foe; Joey and Dwaine put the pedal to the metal; Frenchy rolls the dice.
Lock Jaw 09x17
A bitter cold front sweeps over the swamp, threatening to shut down the season.
Lone Hunter 09x16
Willie has treble hook troubles. Kristi's on her own. Chase and Jacob stalk a menacing giant. Glenn goes on a ghost hunt.
Swamp Savage 09x15
The Edgars go head-to-head. Jay Paul and RJ hunt down a ruthless killer. Kristi and Stringbean hit a snag.
Savage Showdown 09x14
Troy protects locals. Big Tee reveals a secret. Willie makes a big gamble.
Poacher from Hell 09x13
RJ encounters a crisis. The Edgars battle family problems. Frenchy unleashes a radical strategy.
Black Lagoon Battle 09x12
The Landrys put family pride on the line. Willie ventures into mysterious territory. Kristi answers a call for help.
Comeback Kings 09x11
Big Tee sets a lofty goal. The Landrys' best hunting grounds are under siege. Glenn mines for swamp cash.

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