Kim, a 15 year old teenage girl, is obsessed with her best friend Sugar. Her mum (Stella) has been having an affair and her dad (Nathan) has had a break down. Over the first series we see the ups and downs of Kim's life and how she tries to let on to Sugar about her feelings. Kim narrates during every episode. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Episode 10 02x10
Kim is freaking. Saint asked Kim to move in and Kim said 'yes' but now she\'s having major second thoughts. She's 17. She should be binge drinking and having reckless sex... shouldn't she? It doesn't make it easier that Sugar has finally got her act together and is loving the independent life she's living in her new little flat. With Kim keeping Saint waiting for an answer, she goes out with Sugar for an unforgettable night on the town. But at the end of the night, it's time to decide: is she ready to grow up, or not?
Episode 9 02x09
Sugar's thrilled when Mark invites her to meet his mum ( and dad. But when Kim makes a chance remark about being on her best behaviour, Sugar turns herself into My Fair Lady meets The Stepford Wives. How long can she keep up the act? Meanwhile, the improvement in Stella and Nathan's sex life has a very unexpected consequence.
Episode 8 02x08
With Kim's wild ways getting out of control, a worried Nathan decides it's time to establish some family values. So it's out with the vodka and in with the board games as the family are forced to spend quality time together. But everyone needs a release, and Nathan has a few wild ways of his own. He and Stella leave Kim babysitting Matt , and sneak off to a sex party. What they don't realise is that the party is organised by Saint. Meanwhile, Sugar falls for Saint's ex, Mark. He likes her too, but will he still like her if he finds out she's been in prison?
Episode 7 02x07
Kim's spent a night in the cells after knocking out Saint's new girl. To Kim's surprise, Saint's quite impressed - no-one's ever punched anyone for her before. So, Kim and Saint get back together. They're both dying to make up for lost time, but Saint has to go to work. Both girls are shocked when Sugar offers to look after the shop. Saint's suspicious of Sugar's motives, but Kim drags her off for an idyllic day on the downs. When the two return, the shop has been ransacked and Sugar is nowhere to be seen. It seems like an open and shut case until a tearful Sugar reveals that it was her ex-boyfriend, wannabe gangster Dmitri who stole Saint's takings. Saint needs the money to pay her rent, but Sugar can't report Dmitri to the police or he'll expose her dodgy dealings. The girls come up with an ingenious plan to get the money back. But when Plan A doesn't go as expected, it's time for an ever crazier Plan B...
Episode 6 02x06
After Kim's accidental overdose, Stella is worried about her, but doesn't actually want to talk to her daughter herself. So she sends her to psychiatrist Dr Candida. Kim's initially hostile, she's got nothing to say to a shrink. But once Kim starts talking, there's no stopping her. There's certainly plenty to talk about. Kim's still gutted over her break up with Saint. She's desperate to ask for Saint's forgiveness, but how do you explain away a random infidelity with a stranger? And Sugar's giving Kim a lot to think about too. Having apparently saved Kim's life, Sugar is back in full effect and comes to stay with Kim when her boyfriend's mother's in town. But something about Sugar's story doesn't quite add up, and why has she suddenly got so much money? Sugar's got something to hide, and the sooner Kim realises what it is, the better chance she has of getting back with Saint.
Episode 5 02x05
When Saint goes away to a sex festival, Kim tries not to be insecure. But she can't help wondering whether Saint's giving any of her customers a special demonstration of her wares. Kim's also worried about Sugar. Could she be dead or in the gutter somewhere? Of course not. Sugar turns up, looking flasher than ever, accompanied by her new boyfriend, incompetent gangster Dmitri. When she realises Sugar's only come round to collect her drugs, Kim's so fed up she steals a couple of pills and heads off by herself to the C C. There she meets sexy rock singer, Montana. Kim is tempted to become a groupie, she just hopes Saint never finds out... Meanwhile, Stella and Nathan are having their own wild night as they host a swingers' party with neighbours Ted and Sandra.
Episode 4 02x04
Kim's got everything she ever wanted, and more. She's falling in love with her beautiful girlfriend Saint, and her best mate Sugar has finally been released from prison. But with both girls making demands on her time, Kim finds herself torn. All she really wants to do is stay in bed all day with Saint, but Sugar's never been that good at playing gooseberry. Kim's not the only one finding that three's a crowd. When Nathan and Stella discover that their new neighbours, Ted and Sandra are swingers, Nathan is appalled. But Stella is strangely intrigued...
Episode 3 02x03
Insecurity's a tough thing to shake off. Kim's got it together with the girl of her lesbian wet dreams. It should be time for self-congratulation. But when she makes an unexpected discovery about Saint, Kim's paranoia runs out of control. Sugar's also feeling insecure. She's about to be released from prison, but suddenly life on the outside looks just as scary. With nowhere to go, she asks Kim if she can come and stay with her. But will her best mate offer her a warm welcome? Nathan has his own insecurities to deal with when a hunky fitness instructor, Ted moves in next door. He feels even more anxious when Stella starts going next door for 'group exercise'.
Episode 2 02x02
After Saint gave Kim her mobile number, Kim tries to ring/text her but with no reply she asks her mate Sugar what to do. Kim has a theory: there are two types of women: the manipulative b*tches, and those of us stupid enough to fall for them... Also in this episode Nathan's sex therapy doesn't work.
Episode 1 02x01
The second series reunites the eternally frustrated Kim and her friend Sugar. Sugar is now serving time in a young offenders' institute for glassing that man in series 1. Kim is 17 doing her A levels and just like episode one of series one she only has an electric tooth brush for company. The new girl Saint works at a sex shop and Kim is smitten with her already. Saint invites her to a mysterious club called the CC, which turns out to be the Clit Club, a beautiful bar full of beautiful women. Kim loves it, but there's just one problem. Saint's the club DJ, and greets other girls as enthusiastically as she greets Kim. It looks like this was no date after all... Kim drowns her sorrows at the bar, and rebounds into the arms of Anna. Anna is edgy, dangerous and addictive, and Kim learns a thing or two about sex, drugs and lesbian lust. Kim gleefully reports her adventures to Sugar, but Sugar's reaction throws her. Is she jealous? Meanwhile, Stella and Nathan are giving their marriage another go, for the sake of the kids. Stella's embraced monogamy, but Nathan's low sexual self esteem is leading to boredom in the bedroom. There's only one thing for it: sex therapy.

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