In the battle against crime, the federal government recruits a young, undisciplined cop to ride the world's fastest motorcycle equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry. Rex Smith stars as daredevil crimebuster Jesse Mach and Joe Regalbuto as a Justice Department research engineer who designed the ultimate crime-fighting vehicle — a supercharged motorcycle outfitted with ultra-sophisticated systems called Street Hawk. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Follow the Yellow Gold Road 01x13
Mach battles a gang of neighborhood vigilantes who injured a security guard in the theft of a large supply of gold.
Female of the Species 01x12
Altobelli comes to Jesse's aid when a federal agent tries to justify his own failure to halt an assassination attempt. Jesse suspects a police officer escorting a robbery suspect from L.A. to N.Y. has murder on his mind. When a foreign dignitary, Prince Stefan, arrives on an official visit, Jesse Mach and the Street Hawk crew are assigned to provide added protection though the prince is already guarded by a security apparatus managed by a man named Frank Menlo. This proves to be a good move as an attempt to kill Prince Stefan is made the moment he arrives at the airport. However, the attempt is foiled. The assassin is dressed as a nurse, and police believe him to be an international assassin.
The Arabian 01x11
Jesse competes with a resourceful insurance agent when they investigate a horse-switching scheme.
Murder is a Novel Idea 01x10
Why does anybody want to kill Stefanie Craig (Belinda Montgomery), a seemingly harmless best-selling author of murder mystery novels? First she is attacked by a masked man, her home ransacked, and chapters from her next book are stolen. Then she is abducted altogether. 'Street Hawk' Jesse Mach goes to her rescue and finds that the men after her are the murderers specified in her next book.
Hot Target 01x09
Norman is thrilled to be reunited with an old girl friend but troubled to learn her medical-research foundation is tied to illegal arms deals.
The Unsinkable 453 01x08
Jesse and Norman battle mercenaries seeking millions stolen from a dead dictator's treasury and hidden aboard a ship.
Chinatown Memories 01x07
Chinatown is in a flap over the theft of a priceless piece of art. Jesse is approached by old flame Lilli who believes that her present boyfriend, Joe Ching, may be able to provide some clues. Their feelings for each other are rekindled, and Lilli has to decide between her love for Jesse and her loyalty to Joe.
Fire on the Wing 01x06
Jesse tracks down an extortionist who's setting fires from a light plane.
Dog Eat Dog 01x05
While trying to persuade rock star Deborah Shain to do a social service. Jesse finds out that her manager, Virgil Powell, has a record for assault on women. Later, when Powell is shot, Deborah becomes the prime suspect. But Jesse believes her to be innocent; besides, there is also someone else looking for singer, who has since disappeared...
Vegas Run 01x04
Jesse and Norman protect a Las Vegas showgirl being harassed by the mob.

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