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Hitched 09x05
Love is in the air in the penultimate episode of Still Game, as the gang rally together to create an unforgettable wedding day for one of the pals.Winston has found happiness with his lady friend Winnie. During a particularly enjoyable day - which involves winding up Stevie the Bookie - the excitement gets too much for him and a surprise wedding proposal slips out.

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Dead Leg, Part Two 09x04
In the second of this double-bill, a trip to the cinema ends up creating a mystery for Jack and Victor and the gang. Meanwhile Boabby has discovered internet dating and encourages Winston to try it too.
Dead Leg - Part One 09x03
Winston receives wounding news about his remaining leg. Meanwhile, Isa struggles with her new cleaning job at the undertaker's and Tam pushes his skinflintishness to new depths.
Cat's Whiskers 09x02
Twilight Monthly magazine needs a new cover star and Victor is convinced he's the man for the job. Meanwhile, Winston battles with a neighbour to win a stray cat's affections.
Local Hero 09x01
Winston saves the day by thwarting a mugger and becomes an internet sensation. Meanwhile, Jack and Victor have one mix-up too many so decide it's time to get mobile phones.
The Fall Guy 08x06
Isa's pulse is set racing as a long-lost companion returns to Craiglang from Hollywood. As Isa and Callum get reacquainted, she has to fend off stiff competition, especially from one particularly persistent gooseberry. Meanwhile, Boabby decides it's time to get a car and learn to drive - but it doesn't come easily, and he soon terrifies the life out of anyone who takes him for a lesson. Quickly running out of willing instructors, step in Callum. He is a qualified driving instructor and comes to the rescue with the promise of a lesson in a local car park. Also trying to better their lot is Methadone Mick, who has enrolled in an online course that he doesn't want to reveal to anyone, for fear they'll laugh at him. The thing is, Mick doesn't have a computer, so he relies on Isa, Jack and Victor's good will. Pushed to their limits, Jack and Victor demand to know what the course is.
Pie 08x05
The future has arrived in Craiglang as Navid proudly shows off his new scanner. Much to his dismay, however, his shoppers are left struggling and frustrations quickly mount. Tam steps in to help an older woman scan her items and befriends her when it turns out he knows her daughter. But when Tam's friends discover this older woman has no shortage of money, they become highly suspicious of his motives. Meanwhile, over at the butcher's Jack and Victor are determined to get their hands on the last steak pie in the shop - but so is the rest of Craiglang.
South Africa 08x04
Jack and Victor persuade Navid to lend them his caravan for one night only, but end up spending most of their precious time tracking down an unwanted guest.
Balls Up 08x03
With Boabby out of the game, Jack and Victor gather a team for the walking football tournament. They absolutely must win, but will they be match-fit or have to employ other tactics?
Grim Up North 08x02
Boabby is persuaded to have a lock-in at The Clansman to mark the passing of Craiglang's much respected undertaker, so the regulars enjoy outdoing each other with stories of the most famous person they've ever met, dead or alive. After news spreads that a creepy new undertaker, Sheathing, has moved into Craiglang, nobody quite knows what to make of him. Isa, who's heard the stories, spreads the fear amongst the residents that he's the grim reaper. Jack decides to figure out who this mysterious new undertaker really is. But when Isa turns up at Victor's door in a complete panic and Sheathing appears unannounced, Jack and Victor have no option but to take matters into their own hands.
Fly Fishing 08x01
In this first episode of a new series, Winston appeals to his friends for help, as asbestos is forcing him out of his flat for a while but, with nobody keen to take him in, he has to find an alternative arrangement. Meanwhile, Isa's birthday is coming up and she is on a mission to find out who is throwing her a surprise party.

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