Set in the town of Pontyberry, in the heart of the Welsh Valleys, Stella is a heartwarming comedy-drama written by and starring Ruth Jones.Ruth plays Stella, a single mum of three. She doesn't have a lot of money, but she manages to keep the wolf from the door, and she's got a lot of love.Now training to be a nurse, Stella navigates the dramas of small-town life - chiefly her own - and a rather complicated love life. But could new neighbour Michael Jackson be the route to happiness? Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Episode 6 06x06
Take a final trip to Pontyberry in the last episode of Ruth Jones's comedy drama. Friends and family get some life-changing news at Stella's graduation party.
Episode 5 06x05
Will and Stella's new friendship is starting to get on Michael's nerves. Love is in the air for Nadine as Ponty Partners hosts its first matchmaking night.
Episode 4 06x04
Stella gets a nasty surprise as she fights to save her and Michael's relationship. Luke bumps into a stranger from Rob's past.
Episode 3 06x03
Get set for a Pontyberry meltdown as Michael delivers some shocking news. Beyonce shows up at Stella's and things get too much for Aunty Brenda.
Episode 2 06x02
Stella's in turmoil knowing she must confess her secret to Michael. Luke and Zoe get some life-changing news and Aunty Brenda makes a shocking discovery.
Episode 1 06x01
Take one last trip to Pontyberry in the final series of Ruth Jones's much-loved comedy drama. Stella's boat is rocked when Luke discovers her long-kept secret.
Episode 10 05x10
Stella and Michael's big day approaches and the whole family is ready to celebrate. Rob undergoes surgery. Nadine has a huge decision to make.
Episode 9 05x09
Stella finally gets the chance to speak to Rob. Beyonce drops a bombshell on Michael.
Episode 8 05x08
Stella wants to confront Rob but can't seem to find him anywhere. Michael realises he has to choose between his son and his career.
Episode 7 05x07
Paula returns home for Daddy's funeral, those who have turned out to pay their respects are shocked when Robert Plant shows up.

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