For forty years Star Trek has engrossed our imaginations and sent us on voyages across the galaxy. Through ten films and five series this entertainment juggernaut has become a pop culture icon and a window to our society. We will look at the impact that Star Trek has had on fans around the world. From the conventions in Europe and Las Vegas to the billionaire collector who scours the world for memorabilia, we will try to find out just what it is about this supposedly "silly" series that has meant so much to so many. Leonard Nimoy hosts. Add to my shows

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Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier 01x00
Hosted by Leonard Nimoy, this special documentary looks into the colossal impact that the Star Trek series has had over the years. Through five television programs and ten movies, it has amassed an army of fans who are immensely loyal to the canon that was established, as well as the actors who portrayed the characters. Star Trek fans can be found at just about any part of the globe, and this series hopes to reveal just what has made this once small series into one of the most well known works of all time.

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