From obsessed former lovers to unrelenting acquaintances fueled by the thrill of the chase, stalkers can have a range of motivations, but all instill a perpetual fear within their victims. With over three million people falling victim to stalking in the United States each year, this widely misunderstood crime reaches far beyond celebrities and people in the public eye. "Stalked: Someone's Watching" profiles six emotional stories of stalking victims and explores the twisted psychology of the people who relentlessly pursued them. As the first president to issue a National Stalking Awareness Month proclamation, President Obama in January 2011 helped focus national attention on this serious crime and stressed the challenges in recognizing and combating stalking. In recognition of National Stalking Awareness Month, Stalked: Someone's Watching premieres on Monday, January 24 at 10:30 p.m. ET on Investigation Discovery, America's leading investigation network and the fastest growing network in television. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Date With the Devil 04x20
When Ron Ruse breaks up with his controlling girlfriend, Linda Ricchio, she vows to get him back at any cost. Soon demands turn to death threats and Ron goes on the run. But he’ll quickly discover there’s no escape from a fatal attraction.
Collateral Damage 04x19
Air Force sergeant Rachel Wilson’s marriage falls apart when husband Darrell starts hiring hookers. But he erupts in rage when he learns Rachel’s met the perfect man, a smarter, better-looking athlete. Now, more than just Rachel’s life is at stake.
Death Spiral 04x18
Linda Smith is hoping for love when she meets wealthy and handsome Jim McDonald. But Jim’s charm lasts only as long as he doesn’t drink. Unable to stay sober, Jim becomes determined to keep Linda all to himself, even if it kills her.
A Mother's Nightmare 04x17
Jessica Lenahan's ex-husband promises revenge when she files a restraining order; police won't protect her.
A Virtual Nightmare 04x16
Elle Richardson finds emails from a stranger threatening her life.
Stealth Stalker 04x15
Terri Mendez believes her ex-boyfriend has moved on until she discovers the hidden cameras he put in her bedroom.
Hopelessly Devoted 04x14
When Kaia is kind to a classmate called Robert, she ends up becoming the object of his obsession.
Gamble With Death 04x13
A woman breaks things off with her boyfriend, who then pursues her relentlessly.
S&M: Sex & Malice 04x12
Ann Moulds receives sadistic letters from an anonymous stalker. She gets the police involved, but no laws can help her out. When she eventually discovers the identity of her stalker her world is turned upside down.
Addicted to Rage 04x11
Nurse Katie learns her supervisor David who she's engaged to has been unfaithful, leading to tragic circumstances.

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