"This year is going to be different, this year we will finally be popular...." Or so Lauren thought as she and Patty begin high school as official Weemawee H.S. freshmen. But it doesn't take long to figure out that, although the year may have changed, these are the same students who ignored them last year. Two of the kids who pay Patty and Lauren any attention are Marshall Blackman, a comic in training and Johnny Slash, a slow-minded new waver. The bane of Patty and Lauren's existence is Jennifer Denuccio, a valley girl and her friend LaDonna, who refers to Lauren as "that fat girl" and Patty is known as "that fat girl's friend." Jennifer's tough boyfriend Vinnie, is kind to the duo which causes Jennifer to vent a bit. Then there is Muffy Tepperman, the ultra-peppy preppie! Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Arrangement 01x20
Jennifer and LaDonna have invited Patty and Lauren to Vinnie's party. But will they still want to go when they find out they were only invited to be a lookout for Vinnie's parents?
No Joy in Weemawee 01x19
Who knew that Johnny Slash had a hidden talent? He becomes a star on the school's baseball team but has a problem when he learns that half their games are at other schools.
No Substitutions 01x18
A substitute teacher causes a riff in Lauren and Patty's friendship when he pays special attention towards Lauren.
To Serve Weemawee All My Days 01x17
The kids stage a sit-in when Mr. Donovan is fired for his radical teachings and style.
The Stepanowicz Papers 01x16
When the janitor becomes ill, his handsome son comes to Weemawee as a replacement, causing all the girl's in school to swoon when he is near...including Lauren and Ms. Loomis.
It's Academical 01x15
Patty and Muffy may be teammates for Weemawee's academic team, but they are rival's for the affection from their handsome male partner.
Merry Pranksters 01x14
Patty and Lauren play a bunch of practical jokes in hopes of becoming popular in school. But when they paint graffiti in the hallways, it is Vinny who gets in trouble.
It's All How You See Things 01x13
Lauren convinces Patty to remove her glasses as a way to attract guys. But Patty trips over Muffy's bake sale table and breaks Lauren's leg. Although Lauren is upset with Patty, this seems to have won her sympathy among the cool kids. Meanwhile, LaDonna wants to become a DJ at the school, in which Lauren can convince Marshall to let her give it a try.
A Child's Christmas in Weemawee (2) 01x12
Patty is depressed and Lauren is moping when Patty is told she is going ice fishing for Christmas vacation. Meanwhile, Muffy is escorting a group of child carolers around the school as the students prepare for the school Christmas gift exchange.
A Child's Christmas in Weemawee (1) 01x11
Patty and Lauren make plans for the Christmas holidays. But when Patty's father comes to town, he makes plans of his own...sitting in a cabin on a lake, silently ice fishing with eel chunks and his daughter.

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