Taking place after the 2002 "Spider-Man" theatrical blockbuster, "Spider-Man (2003)" was a new kind of Spider-Man cartoon featuring new graphics from Mainframe, the company behind "Reboot." The show follows young Peter Parker as he makes his way through college life, with his best friends Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn at his side. Spidey battles old and new faces (from Kraven the Hunter to a newbie known as the Talon). "Doogie Howser, M.D." alumnus Neil Patrick Harris lends his amazing vocal talent as the webslinger. Did You Know?: That the original concept for this series was going to be based off the Ultimate Spider-man comics? However, the idea was scrapped due to the idea to make an animated series based off the continuity set in the live-action Spider-man world. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Mind Games (2) 01x13
Spider-man attacks Kraven at his hideout, and almost kills him, but he realizes he's being tricked soon after before he really does end Kraven's life. Spider-man eventually locates the Twins and saves Mary Jane, but while fighting them, they use their mental powers to trick him into knocking "Indy" off a roof! Indy is hospitalized, and Spider-man tracks the twins down again, this time defeating them. With them in custody, and upset at what's happened, Peter takes his Spider-man costume and tossess it into the ocean, possibly meaning that this could be the series' final episode, not a season finale.
Mind Games (1) 01x12
Spider-Man thwarts the escape of two twins with mind control powers who are freed during a transfer – shortly afterward, other Spider-Man foes break out and go after Spider-Man – Pterodax, Kraven, and Sable. And Peter reveals his identity to MJ just before Kraven kills her. Then a man offers Peter the chance for revenge . . . and it turns out the whole thing is a mind game being played by the twins to control Spider-Man and get revenge on Kraven.
Flash Memory 01x11
Peter Parker's high school nemesis, Flash Thompson, is used in an illegal experiment to increase intelligence. Now, the usually thick-headed jock has an intelligence to rival Peter's! While this is happening, Spider-Man has to deal with two thugs that show similar signs of intelligence.
Heroes and Villains 01x10
Protests break out at ESU after it's announced Villeroy Towers will be torn down, leaving the residents homeless. However, the residents begin getting a lot of money to support their cause. Someone called Turbo Jet is responsible for this and is seen as a hero by the residents and protesters for what he's doing. The only problem is that Turbo Jet is accomplishing all this by committing crimes and he refuses to let anyone stop him, even Spider-Man.
Royal Scam 01x09
Spider-Man is approached by FBI agents to steal the TX-1 chip, which can allow access to private bank account transfers and be very damaging to the world economy. He succeeds in stealing the chip and hands it over to them, only to learn later that the whole thing was a ruse set up by the criminal mastermind, the Kingpin. Spider-Man now has to stop the Kingpin before he uses the chip to steal billions from the world's major banks. None of this helps Peter's social life, though, as he keeps missing Mary Jane's latest acting gig.
Spider-Man Dis-Sabled 01x08
After filming a press conference, Spider-Man saves the mayor and a European Union guest from an attempted assassination. Peter also unknowingly filmed the assassin, Silver Sable, and she knows it. She wants the tape since it's evidence against her and goes as far as holding Peter's friends hostage to get it. But Peter learns things aren't exactly what they seem after he discovers her true mission.
When Sparks Fly 01x07
Long after his last battle with Spider-Man, Max Dillon/Electro resurfaces and makes contact with Sally, a girl he fell in love with before his transformation. He wants to be with Sally and decides the only way to do that is to make her undergo a similar transformation.
Head Over Heels 01x06
Peter winds up getting partnered with the intelligent, but weird, Christina for a class experiment and it turns out she has a big interest in Spider-Man. She's also managed to create a mind reading device, but it short circuits and badly affects her mind. She now thinks Spider-Man is communicating with her and is bent on doing whatever it takes to be with him.
Tight Squeeze 01x05
A high tech group of criminals calling themselves Pterodax attempt to steal a powerful type of diamonds, but Spider-Man stops them. Peter then manages to sell a video of the attempted robbery to the Empire 1 channel with the help of a researcher named Indy. Later, Pterodax take hostages at Empire 1, demanding Spider-Man come within two hours or everyone dies. Unfortunately, Peter is a hostage himself.
Keeping Secrets 01x04
Spider-Man encounters a thief called the Talon during her latest crime. Though she gets away, he manages to get a look at her actual face. This complicates things for Peter, however, when he learns that her real name is Cheyenne Tate and that she just became Harry's girlfriend.

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