A young Chicago cop and a veteran officer battle monsters terrorizing the city in a tongue-in-cheek adventure that suggests the creatures are the missing link between man and apes. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Wish 02x13
Nick and Kate hunt a Djinn, a "genie"-like link that possesses the power to make a person's dreams come true. But if she grants enough wishes, she will gain free will and be able to do whatever she wants---including decimating mankind.
The Piper 02x12
A mind-control Link uses a local children's TV show to turn kids into zombies who steal for him. To get close to the creature, Nick and Kate recruit Carl to become a sidekick on the show.
The Love 02x11
Kate and Carl join forces to track down Cupid, whose love potion has caused a tough judge to start handing down easy sentences---and has turned Nick into a nice guy who only sees the good in people.
The Straw 02x10
Nick and Kate battle the Scarecrow, a noxious Link that creates mayhem by exploiting the fears in every Chicagoan's subconscious.
The Wall 02x09
Nick accompanies Kate to her 10-year high-school reunion, where the two find themselves fighting Links intent on massacring her classmates.
The Beast 02x08
A series of gruesome murders leads Nick and Kate to suspect that Jack the Ripper has returned from the grave---and is stalking victims in Chicago.
The Drag 02x07
The theft of an ancient Native American necklace unleashes a dragon that runs amok throughout Chicago looking for its preferred food source---gnomes. It's up to Carl (Danny Woodburn) to do battle with the creature.
The Rocks 02x06
Gorgon links, which are capable of transforming people into stone, run rampant through the city, with Kate's soon-to-be ex-boyfriend one of their possible victims.
The Eve 02x05
A mysterious Link is bringing corpses of serial killers back to life so they can carry out his plan to assume leadership of all Links.
The Invisible 02x04
An invisible Link known as the Boogeyman is on the prowl, and Kate and Nick must catch it to save a man on death row who took the rap for one of its murders.

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