David Attenborough's epic series uncovers new research into the behaviour of these popular, perfectly adapted, skillul conquerors of the air. In this series, the secrets of birds' great successes comes to light - their remarkable strategies for finding food, their complex social systems, and their ingenious and often bizarre ways of mating and breeding. From high speed aerial hunters and long distance migrants to brilliantly coloured nectar-grazers, the comical and the bizarre, this is the definitive series on birds. Add to my shows

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Episode 16 01x16
Episode 15 01x15
Episode 14 01x14
Episode 13 01x13
Episode 12 01x12
Episode 11 01x11
The Limits of Endurance 01x10
This programme looks at how birds cope with living in some of the harshest and most bizarre places on the planet, looking at the sandgrouse in theNamibian desert, spectacled eiders in the Arctic, a 10,000-strong nesting colony of oilbirds in a Venezuelan cave and black vultures nesting on the sixteenth floor balcony of a skyscraper in Sao Paulo.
The Problems of Parenthood 01x09
This programme provides an illustration of the fascinating diversity of feeding practices and behavioural patterns employed by birds. Sweeping through an incredible range of species, including pelicans, sea eagles, babblers and finch chicks, it offers a thorough study of the way in which birds solve the problems of parenthood.
The Demands of the Egg 01x08
In this programme, he examines the variety of ways in which birds construct their nests and protect their eggs from predators. Including breathtaking scenes of aerial piracy and a remarkable 3-D animated view of the processes involved in laying an egg.
Finding Partners 01x07
Looking at how male birds use extraordinary displays and bizarre mating rituals to attract the attentions of females.

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