South Central was a Fox series that focused on the life of Joan Mosley as she raised her three children following the death of her oldest son Marcus. The series was a hit with critics and had a small following however Fox axed the series. One of the downfall of the series was Larenz Tate, who had just filmed Menace to Society. Many thought his character of Andre would be like Old Dawg from Menace to Society. Andre was not and many tuned the series out. This series would feature many people that would alter make the series-Living Single, Moesha and Half & Half. It was also the first series of Jennifer Lopez as an actress. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Date 01x10
Joan is determined to have the house to herself so she sends Deion to Disneyland with Sweets. Allows Tasha to go to a teen club with Andre. Andre ignores Tasha at the club until he sees her performing with the musical guest.
Dog 01x09
Deion is attracted to a dog that is hanging around the house. Andre deals with Nicole ignoring him and Rashad making out with Janelle in his house.
Gun (2) 01x08
After Andre pulls his gun out on a boy at the party, Nicole breaks up with him. Meanwhile Joan and Sweets check around Andre's room to find out what is going on with him.
Gun (1) 01x07
Andre gets gun to protect himself and get respected in the neighborhood.
Dad 01x06
Tasha gets a birthday surprise when her father, James Mosely, arrives. Joan and Andre are less than thrilled to have him there.
Men 01x05
Joan and Bobby's dating causes problems for Andre. He wanted her to go out with Ray despite Joan claiming they are just friends. Meanwhile Tasha has to deal with Deion, who refused to obey her.
Co-Op 01x04
Joan is working at the Co-Op when Bobby publicly declares himself as a hero for giving her a job to the media. She is insulted by his actions despite his attempts at good publicity.
RTD 01x03
Andre has to go to tutoring sessions due to his low grades. Despite Joan's disapproval, he takes the bus. Andre and Rashad have an encounter with a gang member, who pulls a gun out on them. Rashad jumps off the bus before the gang member remembers Andre as Marcus's brother. Andre meets ray's secretary, Nicole, and agrees to attend church with Ray to meet her. He gets jumped by the same guy on his way to Nicole's house.
Money 01x02
Andre takes money from a drug dealer to avoid going on welfare. Joan returns tha money and is shocked to learn that the boy's mother is fine with her son's lifestyle.
Pilot 01x01
Still regretting the death of her oldest son Marcus, Joan objects to her son, Andre, buying a beeper. She feels that it will make him a target of drug dealers. She also has to deal with the loss of her job due to layoffs.

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