In a place where it's all about seeing and being seen, Miami attracts big personalities and big stars - many who will pay top dollar to stand out in the crowd. Discovery Channel's new series South Beach Classics, is set amidst the flash and glamor of Miami, where the people who wheel and deal automobiles at Florida's largest classic car dealership are just as colorful and vibrant as the people who buy them. Husband and wife business partners Ted and Robin Vernon -- along with the eclectic crew they've affectionately dubbed "the gargoyles" -- buy, sell, trade and exchange some of the most unique classic automobiles on the market. South Beach Classics is set amidst the crazy action at Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles, where Ted and Robin deal in cars that range in price from a few thousand to well over 1 million dollars. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Restoration vs. Ted 02x08
Ted hates anything to do with the restoration of cars, but Robin thinks differently and has started restoring cars without Ted's knowledge. Robin's birthday present ends up being more trouble than it's worth.
Kit Cars 02x07
Will Ted pay too much for a Cobra Kit Car? A country band buys a unusual AMC Ambassador for a song and later the lot is turned into a beach scene for Robin’s photo shoot.
Crusin' Corvettes 02x06
Ted's on Fire 02x05
While Ted is at an auction, an extensive fire breaks out at Robin and Ted's Miami Warehouse. What happened? Can Ted wheel and deal to replace some of their lost inventory?
Movie Cars 02x04
Ted and Robin take a trip down memory lane with their favorite classic movie cars. To close a deal on a Cadillac, Ted and Robin act out a scene from Scarface.
The Okay Corral 02x03
Ted and Robin take a truckload of cars down South for a car corral and auction, but who ends up charming their way to the best deals? Later, the duo work an Ashville, NC auction and buy 16 cars.
Robin's Roost 02x02
Robin engages in covert activities at the larger facility; Ted rescues Rolls-Royces from the scrap yard; Ted buys a Plymouth convertible, then instantly sells the vehicle.
We Moved 02x01
Ted, Robin and the crew move into the new 7 acre location with room for over 400 cars. Robin duels for a Corvette-Ferrari deal and later buys the "Fight Doctor's" '49 Cadillac for money and a kiss.
Life's a Zoo 01x12
Robin vs. Ted 01x11

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