Geoffrey Tennant is the passionate but unstable artistic director of the New Burbage Theatre Festival. Haunted by the ghost of his predecessor, he struggles to realize his creative vision while handling touchy actors, a jittery general manager, a pretentious guest director and his own tempestuous romance with the festival's leading lady The backstage bedlam mirrors the onstage angst as Geoffrey directs three of Shakespeare's masterpieces -- Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear -- one in each season. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Promised End 03x06
Lear gets cancelled and Geoffrey's future at the festival is in doubt. Ellen finally fires Barabara. It ends in typical Shakespearean fashion‒with a wedding and a song.
All Blessed Secrets 03x05
Anna steps in to help Geoffrey with Charles. But "King Lear" loses its Regan as Ellen Fanshaw flees the festival for the promise of a big payday on TV. All the tension leads to a bar brawl.
Every Inch a King 03x04
With "East Hastings" a smashing success, Richard proposes the heretofore unthinkable‒moving the Shakespearean tragedy to the workshop stage and the musical to the main venue.
That Way Madness Lies 03x03
Charles's erratic behavior becomes more and more disruptive, prompting Geoffrey to consider replacing him. As tensions grow within the cast of "Lear", personal and professional jealousies widen the rift between the Shakespearean actors and the eager young players in the musical.
Vex Not His Ghost 03x02
Charles Kingman brings secret demons of his own to the production and immediately alienates the cast and crew. Meanwhile, Richard Smith-Jones, flexes his creative muscles.
Divided Kingdom 03x01
Trying to top the critical and financial success of its last production, the festival plans to stage "King Lear", as well as a contemporary new musical. But creative director Geoffrey Tennant finds himself seized by fits of uncontrollable weeping. Ellen is too busy taking Geoffrey's panic personally to be of any help. Geoffrey coaxes his boyhood hero, Charles Kingman, out of retirement to play Lear.
Birnam Wood 02x06
Richard is surprised to find that, against all odds, Sanjay's rebranding of New Burbage‒Youthquake‒is working and the box office is clogged with young people buying tickets to "Hamlet". Geoffrey, dealing with an actor who refuses to take direction, decides to make some last-minute changes to teach Henry Breedlove a lesson. All that's left to do is save "Romeo and Juliet" from total disaster; Geoffrey convinces Darren Nichols to rethink his concept and stage the play as the desperate love story that it is.
Steeped in Blood 02x05
Ellen's audit is not going well. Sarah and Patrick, after an intense nighttime rehearsal, find themselves in bed together, although Patrick is gay. "Romeo and Juliet" is far from ready to open. Writer Lionel Train uses Anna as the inspiration for his new play. Richard comes close to a nervous breakdown when Sanjay is arrested by the RCMP and is found to be a con artist.
Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair 02x04
After a fight with Ellen, Geoffrey moves into a storage room at the theater. His actors and Oliver refuse to accept Geoffrey's ideas for the play. Ellen has to get her financial records straight for the audit. Darren Nichols' staging of "Romeo and Juliet" doesn't sit well with his actors.
Rarer Monsters 02x03
Geoffrey struggles with Oliver over staging. The director for "Romeo and Juliet" breaks her neck falling off the stage and the only one available to replace her is Darren Nichols. Ellen finds out she's being audited by Revenue Canada. Richard is shocked to find that Sanjay Rainier has launched a controversial campaign to re-brand the festival, causing regular subscribers to cancel.

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