Sleepy Hollow is a thrilling mystery-adventure drama series spanning two and a half centuries, in which a resurrected Ichabod Crane pairs up with a present-day police lieutenant to save the enigmatic town of Sleepy Hollow--and the world--from unprecedented evil. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Freedom 04x13
Malcolm uses the Horsemen to capture the President, and prepares to conquer the U.S. Only Team Witness, a secret cache of weapons, and a deal with the Devil can stop him.
Tomorrow 04x12
Jobe resurrects the Hessians to recharge Death's totem, and then turns them loose on Sleepy Hollow. While Jenny, Alex, and Jake try to stop them, Diana and Lara try to free Ichabod's soul from the Avatar of War before it's too late. Meanwhile, Henry is resurrected and assures the team that he's on their side.
The Way of the Gun 04x11
The team splits up: Diana and Ichabod try to recover the Totem of War before Malcolm obtains it, while Jenny, Jake, and Alex try to track down Malcolm's. However, a mysterious woman who seems to know all the team's secrets interferes, trying to destroy the Totem before anyone else can get it.
Insatiable 04x10
Malcolm has Jobe unleash a demon as part of his master plan to become President of America. Meanwhile, Diana questions whether her priorities and the team's are the same.
Child's Play 04x09
An imaginary friend from Molly's childhood materializes and starts attacking those close to her. Meanwhile, Molly and Ichabod are sealed in the Vault, and Jake and Alex find their predecessor's home.
Sick Burn 04x08
An Internet video contains an ancient symbol that spreads a supernatural combustion disease to anyone who watches it. to save Alex, Jake exposes himself to the video in an attempt to fire her before it's too late. Meanwhile, Malcolm assembles his own team to bring about his vision for America.
Loco Parentis 04x07
Molly's father Mitch returns from Afghanistan and expresses an interest in restarting his relationship with his ex-wife and daughter. Meanwhile, Jenny imprisons Jobe and questions him as to Malcolm's intentions.
Homecoming 04x06
Team Witness goes to Sleepy Hollow to recover the fourth piece of the Stone, only to discover that Malcolm and Jobe are one step ahead of them. Now Malcolm plans to reunite the talismans and use the completed Stone to give himself eternal life.
Blood from a Stone 04x05
Malcolm's former partner returns from Hell and seeks the pieces of the artifact for himself... just as Ichabod and Diana pay Malcolm a visit. Meanwhile, Diana considers how to tell Molly the truth.
The People vs. Ichabod Crane 04x04
Ichabod is ensnared by a spider demon and forced to stand trial for the death of Abbie in a courtroom taken from his imagination... and with an unexpected face as the prosecutor. Meanwhile, the others attempt to feel Ichabod from his imprisonment.

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