Set in Atlanta, Single Ladies follows the lives of three best friends who have very different and unique philosophies on love, sex and relationships. Keisha, Raquel and April navigate the dating scene-- with a few bumps and bruises along the way-- and beg the question: what do women really want? Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Consequences 04x06
Felicia and Omar have a blowout over his actions with Sharon Love. Austin makes a bad choice and loses a big contract. Felicia is honored in the community. Things heat up between Terrence and Austin. Omar considers another job opportunity.
Truth 04x05
Felicia demands that Omar find a way to get Triple Threat on the Sharon Love Show. Austin has an unpleasant visit with her father in the hospital. Terrence discovers a surprise when he visits Austin at her apartment.
New 04x04
Felicia and Karen Bridges face off about who should manage Triple Threat. Omar has trouble adapting to his new position at Price Entertainment. Dr. Evelyn Powell, Keisha's pastor, reveals a sordid past and calls in a favor.
Build 04x03
Felicia declares war against Derek and has a dilemma with her girl group and controlling Mom, Karen Bridges. Omar battles with April as he creates a personal style for Triple Threat.
Remix 04x02
Keisha gets a visit in jail from the District Attorney seeking information on Malcolm. Terrence reconnects with an old friend to discuss a business venture. Felicia finds herself in a precarious situation with her ex-husband, Derek.
Gone 04x01
The girls cope with grim news about Raquel. Terrence gets harassed by police while handling Cut and its assets. Felicia deals with the stress of searching for new talent and a looming divorce.
Supersize 04x00
Austin has to deal with an unpleasant visit with his dad at the hospital.
Last Dance 03x12
Raquel and Terrence continue to drift apart; Cut reaches a milestone; Keisha and Malcolm try to put the past behind them; Felicia sends April on an out-of-town mission.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 03x11
Raquel and Terrence's relationship hits a crossroad as the two clash over their dating expectations. Keisha learns that Malcolm is keeping another secret from her. Meanwhile, April is placed in a dangerous position at Price Management by David's latest scheme. Omar's latest designs for Felicia are the inspiration for knockoffs.
Game On 03x10
Raquel decides to host a game night but struggles to keep her new romance with Terrence a secret. Meanwhile, Keisha expresses her concerns about Terrence to Raquel. April invites David while Omar is accompanied by an unexpected guest. In hopes of making things right with Keisha, Malcolm makes desperate moves to end his association with Deacon and Naomi.

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