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On with Our Lives 01x04
Vivian is about to start school, Deniece gets a job offer across the country and Cynthia and D’Andre are getting married. Vivian has been dealing with her follow-up to her breast cancer scare. Allison’s career is back on track so she’s travelling and doing her thing. Elliot gives greater disclosure about his situation and Aunt Connie’s has offered to be the landlady and manage the house if the sisters want to lease it. The Sisters are all going on with life in completely different directions. Only Vivian will be left at home. The emptiness and the memories are too much for Vivian and overwhelming. They all decide it’s time to sell or lease the family home and move on with life.
Daddy Issues 01x03
Now that Cynthia and D’Andre are officially engaged, their relationship is on-off-then on again as Cynthia is still learning what it means to trust a man. Allison has spent a lot of her money paying off tons of credit card debt but now that she doesn’t have those bills; her new addiction is that she likes to gamble. Meanwhile, Elliot Ross is interspersed as a potential love-interest of Allison.
Vivian Goes to Paris 01x01

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