Based in Trinidad, Colorado, this six-part series follows patients as they arrive in this Old West mining town—dubbed the 'Sex Change Capital of the World'—to see Dr. Marci Bowers, formerly Mark Bowers, who'll provide them with the ultimate life-changing operation. From retired grandfathers to construction workers, businessman to office managers, each shares their unique story of how they came to terms with their sexuality. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Emeri and Donna 01x06
20 year-old Emeri Burke is a male-to-female reassignment patient who wishes to have the process done before school starts again in the Fall. Then, Donald, 52, now known as Donna Richards, arrives for his-her reassignment surgery.
Vicki and Jim 01x05
Vicki Estrada, former Steve Estrada, is a 56-year-old divorced male-to-female transexual comes in for a reassignment surgery and a breast augmentation. Next, a former air traffic controller Jim Howley is a 33-year-old female-to-male transexual, needs a hysterectomy. A life of drugs and alcohol has destroyed his body and comes to the hospital with the support of his 3 children.
Bree and Charlie 01x04
Lisa and Jackie 01x03
Lisa Scott is a 45-year-old patient comes in for a male-to-female genital reassignment surgery and breast augmentation with no one to offer him support. Jackie Feakins, 53, a former air traffic controller who has been married and raised 3 sons, comes in for surgery with the support of 3 children.
Stephanie and Ryan 01x02
Malinda and Alaina 01x01
A 54-year-old bounty hunter, Malinda Chadwick has entered the hospital in search of male-to female genital reassignment operation. Alaina Hardy, once known as Jon, is a 35-year-old patient coming in for male-to-female surgery. She and her partner Sarah are living as lesbians.

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