What happens when a woman becomes pregnant, and then must use every means conceivable to hide the pregnancy? What happens when she must finally reveal her secret, no longer able to hide the truth? Discovery Fit & Health explores this reality in the world premiere of the new original series, "SECRETLY PREGNANT", airing Thursdays at 10PM ET beginning October 13. Each one-hour episode of "SECRETLY PREGNANT" tells the stories of two different women who have their own reasons for hiding a pregnancy. From avoiding rejection to severe health implications, these women remain secretly pregnant to protect themselves and their loved ones. Whether keeping the secret from family, friends, a boss or co-workers, "SECRETLY PREGNANT" follows each woman's very emotional journey to the reveal of their secret, and the aftermath of welcoming a new life into the world. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Kanchana / Susannah 02x06
A Nepalese woman married to a Mormon worries about her family's reaction to her pregnancy; a mom who's expecting her third child with her unemployed husband fears disapproval from her parents.
Kelly / Lauren 02x05
A pregnant woman is haunted by a history of miscarriages; another woman hides her pregnancy from her erratic father.
Amatulla / Ashley 02x04
A pregnant woman struggles to support her three kids; another woman is ashamed to be pregnant again by a neglectful father.
Bethany / Cecily 02x03
A pregnant woman whose boyfriend is unemployed and expecting a child with another woman; a woman who fears that her pregnancy will rehash bad memories.
Amy / Destiny 02x02
A mother of eight is hesitant to tell her kids about her ninth pregnancy; a woman who is pregnant with twins fears that her mother won't support her and her unemployed fiancé.
Charity / Natasha 02x01
In the second-season premiere, a mother of five fears that her parents won't support her sixth pregnancy; and a woman worries that her boyfriend will leave her when he learns that she is pregnant.
Sandra / Dannielle 01x06
Sandra's grown daughters disapprove of her boyfriend, and news of her pregnancy could destroy their relationship. Dannielle risks her relationship with and support from her grandfather if he discovers she is pregnant out of wedlock.
Richanne / Paola 01x05
Richanne learned she was pregnant just days after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Paola's pregnancy could damage her image as a bikini model and ruin her career.
Jen / Chanda 01x04
An unmarried woman fears telling her parents she is pregnant for a second time; and a woman who suffered a stillbirth worries history will repeat itself.
Jackie / Tessa 01x03
A 40-year old woman hides that she became pregnant by a teenage boy; and a 19-year old fears telling her parents about her pregnancy.

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