"Don't touch that dial! Don't touch that one either! And stop touching yourself! SCTV is on the air!" So began the first episode of Second City TV. The show is set around the fictitious TV station, SCTV, in Melonville. Many of the sketches were parodies of films and other television shows.Other skits involved the inept staff of SCTV: president Guy Caballero clueless newscaster Earl Camembert, washed up actor Johnny LaRue and station owner Edith Prickley. Second City was known in three different formats. Each episode in the first three seasons were 30 minutes in length, broadcast by Global and CBC (this guide). The next two seasons the show moved to NBC from 1981-1983 where it was a 90-minute show known as SCTV Network 90. It's final incarnation was in the 1983-1984 season. Now known as SCTV Channel, episodes were 45 minutes in length, shown on premium channels Cinemax in the USA and Superchannel in Canada. Add to my shows

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