Say Yes to the Dress delves into the heart of world famous Kleinfeld Bridal where the staff face immense pressure to help each bride find the dress if her dreams. Take a peak at the brides as they try on their dream dresses! The show brings us up close and into the dressing room as brides prepare for their big day. Moms, bridemaids and friends all express their opinions and often frustrate both bride and staff. In the end though, most brides find that "dream dress" and walk down with their grooms into wedded bliss. Add to my shows

season 6

Happily Ever After...Sort of 06x18
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… 06x17
Great Gown Expectations 06x16
Men of Honor 06x15
Search and Dress-cue 06x14
A bride with a list of dress expectations; a former NFL cheerleader has already bought and returned one dress; a military bride.
Make Room for the Green Groom 06x13
New Beginnings 06x12
Bride Lindsay has been through her share of tragedies; Cher brought her new blended family along; Vera is having a big day in fittings.
Double or Nothing 06x11
Bride, Interrupted 06x10
Justyna's eloped and is tying the knot in 22 hours, so she must walk out of the salon with a dress today.
Mom's Way or the Highway 06x09
Jesyca wants a dress that is flattering; Duvae wants a dress that makes her look grown up; Sara is back for her fitting.
Secrets and Surprises 06x08
Nikki Ann has a budget of $5000, or so she thinks; Dawn's mom arrives with a little present; Kristyn plans to wow her wedding guests.
Sticker Shock 06x07
Michelle travels to try on dresses designed by Pnina Tornai; Kiki, a Greek "Southern Belle", loves a bargain; Audrey and Randy search for the perfect dress for Lillian.
Torn Between Two Styles 06x06
Janine has a princess ball gown in mind for her wedding; Celeste is used to thinking about others before herself; Christina is pregnant and self-conscious of her body.
Beat the Dress 06x05
Liza has returned to the salon to top the dress with 2 skirts that she designed. Leanne purchased a cheap gown but doesn't love it. Ivania has arrived with her opinionated fiance'.
Dad Knows Best 06x04
Kate is at the salon with an entourage that includes her father; Leah's dad can't attend because he is a quadriplegic; Nancy has arrived in alterations with her fashionista father.
The Group Calls It 06x03
Syndai is on the verge of marrying into New York Yankee royalty. Sarah and company come armed with notepads to help rate each dress she tries on. Danielle has returned to the salon with her vocal family in tow for her first dress fitting.
Best Laid Plans 06x02
Sarah and Randy vow to turn Virginia's appointment around when they realize the dress of her dreams has been sold; Jennifer rushes because of the upcoming redeployment of her fiance'; Kelly's dress must be taken apart seam by seam.
The First Dress Syndrome 06x01
Kristy wants to look like a pirate and is armed with a picture of a pirate dress she loves. Even though Laura's dad is reluctant to attend the appointment, he is not shy from voicing his outrageous ideas. Donna visits to try on her pink dress.

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