Often called “man’s best friend,” our dogs are known to be loyal, stalwart companions that love and defend their owners at any cost. But the 2,500 trained canines serving America’s military and law enforcement are a breed apart. Sportsman Channel invites viewers into the lives of these military and law enforcement service dogs and their handlers with its new series Saving Private K-9 hosted by actor and former Marine R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) premiering May 15 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT. The series is produced by Pilgrim Studios, with Craig Piligian serving as executive producer. Each episode of "Saving Private K-9" highlights the dogs’ battlefield training, heroic accomplishments, and relationships with their handlers – as well as their impact on those who have worked with them. Viewers will see inspiring accounts of the selfless battlefield service and acts of valor that military dogs perform, as told by those who fought beside them. Additionally, the show will focus on the dogs’ lives post-service, which often involve rigorous rehabilitation and adoption. “When R. Lee Ermey speaks, people listen. Sportsman Channel is extremely proud to bring Ermey on board to host Saving Private K-9,” said Marc Fein, Executive V.P., Programming & Production of Sportsman Channel. “Sportsman Channel is privileged to be able to bring the stories of these heroic dogs to life. Saving Private K-9 is a welcome addition to our line-up of lifestyle programming for the American Sportsman." “This show is a great opportunity for America to see our four-legged, sometimes forgotten, heroes in action,” said Ermey. “So many of us have no idea of the level of dedication and training it takes to prepare of a dog for a life of service. This show will shed light on that process.” Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Marine Sgt. Mark Vierig & Duc 01x10
K9 Blitz & Assist Supt Ken Ballinger-2 01x09
Sgt. Daniel Sandoval & Bony 01x08
Deputy Richard Klaysmat & Kenzo 01x07
Corporal Brittney Neer & Kota 01x06
Johnny Mayo & Tiger 01x05
Sgt. Marc Whittaker & Anax 01x04
Megan Leavey & Rex 01x03
Zeke and Cpl. Ty Meik 01x02
The story of Zeke a four legged hero and working service dog.
Dan Traeder & Remy 01x01
The story of working dog Remy.

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